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Yatharth questions who is the uncle, Ayesha explains he is a really famous lawyer and the friend of her grandfather, Yatho questions how can he help his father since he is blind, Manav asks Mr Shenoy how can he help him now that his license has been revoked, Shenoy sir suggests that he fight his own case.

Some time earlier Manav opens the door to see Shenoy sir standing there, Ayesha comes out from behind explaining that her grandfather sent him to help Manav uncle, he immediately welcomes Shenoy sir into his house, he sits on the sofa asking Ayesha if she is not going to introduce her friend, yatho comes to stand in front of Shenoy sir, shaking his hand, he is talking in a low voice when Shenoy sir requests him to say it loudly, yatho calls Jai Mata Di, everyone starts laughing after which Shenoy sir asks them both to go inside since he has to talk about something important with Manav.

Vibhav advises that he should go and place the bag in the phone booth only after he gives the signal, they both hear someone sneezing, Bubble comes out of seeing whom Vibhav is shocked, he questions what is she doing here in this room, she explains Akanksha didi sent her to clean this room, he asks if she was cleaning with a mob when Bubble replies she just found the ring, he sends her out of the room when Akanksha asks why was he yelling at her since she send her to clean this room as everyone is in their hands, she in shock questions who is this money for when Vibhav is shocked.

Sakshi is searching about Shenoy sir in the room, Yatharth questions who is this person when Ayesha explains that he is the fiend of her grandfather but he left practicing because of some personal tragedy and so was not in touch of anyone for quite some time but then he heard on the television that Vibhav Kapoor was getting married so called her grandfather because he did not know about her mother, Yatho questions how will he be able to help them when he is blind, they all get tensed.

Manav informs Shenoy sir how he knows he left the practice due to some problem but he need a practicing lawyer who can fight the case for him, Shenoy sir mentions that he doesnot have time since Meera is representing Vibhav and she is a really clever lawyer, he has come to know that Vibhav has tried his best to fast track the case, Manav replies Shenoy sir has pointed out the problem but should also tell the solution, Shenoy sir explains ti might sound weird but he must himself fight the case hearing which Manav is shocked.

Akanksha seeing the money asks Vibhav if there is anything going in his life that she should know about, he assures there is nothing when Bubblie also returns, she is shocked to see the money in the hands of Ranay, Bubblie explains that she is standing in her house so will not lie, she explains Karan has been in jail for the past one month and she knows he did not do anything wrong , Akanksha scolds her saying that she assured she will help her with Karan’s case after she is relieved with Yatharth case, Bubblie leaves the room when she hears two workers talking how they are not of anyone, and only care about money. Bubblie thinks she would have to do something for her husband.

Manav is shocked hearing if Shenoy sir said that he should fight the case, Shenoy sir says this is what he meant when Manav immediately refuses saying that he cannot fight the case since he doesnot have any experience, but Shenoy sir advises him to trust him and also himself, however Manav replies that if fighting the case was so easy then people would not spend so long learning the law, Manav requests if he can help him find a good lawyer, Shenoy sir leaves advising Manav to file the petition since he filed the draft.

Vibhav is on the call with Ranay asking if he saw the phone booth then says he must go to put the bag in it, Ranay replies there is no one there when Vibhav questions if he thought that someone would be there to greet him.
Manav is going to various lawyers trying to convince them to fight the case but they all start demanding money or favors from him hearing which he refuses.

Yatharth is circling the dates seeing which Sakshi mam thinks that he is the one fighting the real fight and so she going to him explains she will surely go but not until his father fights the custody and wins the case.

Sakshi goes to sit with Manav who is really tensed, she explains he might not like his decision but she cannot leave him and Yatho like this, he thanks her for the support, Sakshi explain she researched about Shenoy and he was a really successful lawyer, Manav replies he saw it as everyone stood when he came to the court room including judge Bhargav, Manav mentions he was saying that he should fight his case, he explains he never went to the court but now meeting people like Meera he has been thinking they would eat him alive. Sakshi replies they only have one day to arrange a lawyer and offers her jewelry, Manav immediately refuses explaining there are a lot of people to cause them pain but she should not be one of them, he explains she has already favored them a lot but cannot take it, she asks what did he think about the case so he replies he is sorry and wonders he would have been able to fight the case if he studied law.

Manav is working when yatho comes asking him to accompany as he needs to show Manav something, he tries to refuse but Yatho forces him to come then requests him to look in the telescope, Manav replies he did not see anything, yatho meanwhile lights a fire cracker so Manav replies he saw a breaking star, but realizing it is fake asks if Yatho is trying to make fool of him. Yatho asks if he remembers that they went to the Mandir and prayed in front of the Murti which was made by someone so can he not believe in the fake meteor shower, he is sure that his father would surely win the case, Manav questions whose idea is this when Yatho assures it was his but Manav mentions he knows his son so realizes that it is the plan of Sakshi mam, she mentions she planned it because they both know that Yatharth father can fight this case so he asks if she believes he should take the risk. Sakshi replies she is going to stand beside him but then mentions she meant Yatharth would be with him including Shenoy sir. Manav thinks for a while then asks if Yatharth thinks he can fight it, they both hug each other.

Manav in the morning reaches the house of Shenoy sir informing that he is ready to fight the case, Shenoy sir turns back when Manav asks if he is angry but Shenoy sir asks him to come inside and close the door since they do not have much time, he asks Manav to tell Sakshi that he would not be able to come back in the night. Manav calls Sakshi who sees Ekta going to the place where Vibhav lives, he advises her to take care of yatho but she jokes with him then questions about the place where Vibhav lives, he replies that Vibhav lives in Vijayanagar so she informs Ekta was going there, Manav also thinks it might be a coincidence but Shenoy sir replies that this is no coincidence and he must ask Sakshi to tell him when she returned. Manav gets worried.

Precap: Sakshi mam showing Yatharth the fish tells him they both never get separated just like him and his father. The court asks Akanksha why did she leave Manav, she blames that she ran while trying to save her life because he threatened her, she looks to manav.

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