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Yatharth is playing with the fish, Sakshi mam comes explaining that this small fish is the baby of the big fish who is the father, he in excitement asks just like him and his father when Sakshi explains that now he would have to take care of them both but then yatho questions why is the small fish always beside the big one, Sakshi explain because they never leave each other side and always together so if even one of them hurts a little bit the other supports him.
Manav is with Shenoy sir who is teaching him all the necessary techniques that he needs to win the case, he studies till the next morning when Shenoy sir is sleeping, Manav is still studying. Yatho wakes up and he doesnot find his father in the room so decides to call him however Sakshi mam sees the milk and newspaper on the door step, she asks what happened but he reveals that his father did not come so she apologizes as Manav is with Shenoy sir but will go to the court after getting fresh from here, she shows him how the father fish is active when the baby fish sleeps.
In the morning Yatharth walks to Manav with the thali asking him to sit down, he applies the tika when Manav thanks him as he needed this but also requires a magic kiss, he assures that nothing wrong will happen to him when Sakshi mam also puts forward the thali from which Manav takes the flame, she sends Yatho away then explains he did not sleep last night when she explains he is even giving the points like a lawyer as she is sure now they would win the case, Manav explains he is feeling like th criminal who is given the death sentence as he has not thought of the life without yatho so he is not sure if he would be able to survive or breathe, she explains he has already taken the promise for his breaths from Bhagwan but he must go and win the case.

In the court room Meera assures Akanksha that everything is under control when they are asked to stand since the judge is coming, the judge sits down mentioning this is the case of the custody of Yatharth Bajpayee so he asks if both the parents are present, Meera questions Manav where is the lawyer when he stands asking permission to fight his own case, they people sitting in the crowd question how would he be able to defend himself in front of Meera, the judge explains the law has provided everyone the right to present their own point of view so Manav has been granted the right, Manav in the hurry drops the papers when Meera questions why is he sweating so much even before the start of the case, it is better if he goes to drop the case as he is going to lose.

Meera starting the case explains that this is regarding the custody of Yatharth and his mother is claiming that it is not suitable for her son to live with his father if his mental condition is to be taken into consideration, Meera questions why did Akanksha leave Manav after eight years, she explains she left him in order to protect herself from him, she explains if she did not run then they would be fighting the case of her murder, Meera questions she cannot understand why would anyone want to kill her as she is successful, would she like to clarify it, Akanksha explains when a wife is ahead of her husband they donot take it without any worry but this is what happened with Manav, ever since the start he people used to say to him about her beauty because of which he got the inferiority complex, when they finally moved to Indore everyone started recognize her when he started to feel the trouble, this man in order to end it started drinking and spending money on other women, she could have lived without any problem but the mother inside her did not allow her so she started to do modelling after which he once again started beating her and even abused her because of which she ran away from that house.

Akanksha acts as if she is in pain when Meera tries to calm her down, she requests the judge to allow her to meet her son because Manav is not allowing her and in return demands ten crore rupees from her, she once again pleads. Meera explains she is now going to show a video which will prove how Manav beats Akanksha, she seeks the permission and plays the video when Manav went to the house of Vibhav Kapoor, the judge looks to Manav, Meera asks if he has any questions but he refuses. Meera after that calls Vibhav Kapoor to the witness box, she is allowed. Meera asks Vibhav how does he know Akanksha, he replies before he tells how he knows Akanksha then is going to tell what he feels, he explains ever since he saw Akanksha he kept asking Bhagwan why is there someone like Manav in her life, he reveals he met her for an ad which she did for their company, he explains everyone was glad because the professionals were happy because their sales were double, but this did not suite Manav who sometimes came to the shoot under the influence and would even sometimes slap her, Meera questions if he knows the reason, Vibhav explains what could be the reason except inferiority as some people do not like when their wives go ahead from them, Vibhav exclaims he believes the only goal of Akanksha was the care of her son but Manav only felt like hitting his wife. Meera asks if Manav has any other questions but then he refuses.

Meera also calls Ekta who is their neighbor, she questions if Manav used to beat Akanksha when Ekta replies they could not see anything but used to hear them when she starts blaming Manav for everything wrong, she explains that he used to beat Akanksha when she left the house all of a sudden but after that Manav brought other women who started spoiling yatho and he even started misbehaving with everyone so broke the window of their house. She requests that he grant Akanksha the custody of Yatho, Meera asks Manav if he would like to question Ekta, when Manav standing seeks permission to cross examine Ekta.

Precap: Manav blames that Akanksha paid Ekta to give this statement however Meera defends saying these are just baseless claims, Manav questions the auto driver who informs he dropped her at the Kapoor mansion and was wearing blue clothes, he shows the picture seeing which Vibhav is tensed.

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