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Manav opens the curtain to see Akanksha still standing there, she leaves in anger. Niharika says he must himself go to drop her or call her inside if he is missing her that much Manav comes asking if she is having a lot of fun teasing him, he informs that those who leave them in the middle way donot need to be dropped off, he asks if she is coming with him to the office, Niharika leaves requesting ten minutes from him. Mr Holkar exclaims that he is glad Manav is keeping such good care of his daughter when Manav requests him to not consider his care as something else. Ayesha coming also thanks Manav for taking such good care of her mother, she requests him to even take care of her at the office.

Akanksha rushes to the police station when she asks Vibhav how did it happen since he got in so much trouble, Vibhav coming to her asks if she really wants to know, he reveals this all happened because of her since she came to meet him. Akanksha replies she did not think Niharika would be so cruel, she requests Vibhav to use his contacts and get her two modelling assignments after which she can help him, Vibhav starts laughing asking why is she still living in her fairy tale, she needs to open her eyes and see what is going on around her life, she only got the modelling offer because he went to those agencies and gave them money, she even won the Miss Indore title because her father bribed the judges to make her win so she must stop talking about her modelling.

Yatharth praises Sakshi for dressing, she replies she gets ready like this every day when he suggests she should take the potato paratha for Dada and have lunch with him, since she would also be able to have a lunch date with him. Sakshi questions from where does he learn such things, she is going to meet Niharika jee and would have lunch after coming back and even gave the tiffin to Manav jee. She asks if she can leave now so he agrees.

Vibhav explains that all the compliments were fake so she started feeling high of herself, she is also stupid so agreed and she is not a top model as she is the mother of a son, he threw a lot of money so she became the model but she should have used her mind to think about what was going on in her life. Vibhav exclaims he also made a mistake by getting in love after her, his Kamna for her is the reason she came to this lockup but now he wishes as if he never met her, Akanksha starts mentioning how she lft everything for him, she left her husband and son who loved her a lot just for him, Vibhav exclaims she should not say this is sacrifice as it is not worthwhile, she was just in his life because of his money and that is what she cared for but now that it is not happening he wants he to leave not only from his life but from everything that he is associated with, Akanksha with tears walks out of the police station, Ranay leaves informing her that Niharika mam has decided to meet her.

Sakshi mam is at the office where Niharika and Manav enter, all the office staff greet her and seeing this Sakshi starts feeling jealous. Manav and Niharika go to the center where Manav requests her for a few words, Niharika taking the dice exclaims they are getting the feeling of a serial as she came back after being dead, she explains the entire credit of her safe return goes to their CEO, Manav as he is the only one who managed to bring her back and even protect the Holkar industries from falling in the trap of Vibhav Kapoor. She asks the employees to clap for Manav since he deserves the applause, Niharika asks Sakshi to come on stage, she informs that Sakshi is the new HR head of Holkar industries. Niharika reveals they all know she doesnot hire anyone if they are not capable so she is sure that Sakshi would be fit for this post. Ranay whispers something to Niharika, she stands in front of Akanksha and orders Ranay who leaves.

Manav congratulates Sakshi for becoming the new HR head of Holkar industries explaining this new job might be overwhelming for her so she can come to him for any sort of help, she thanks him as his words mean a lot when Sakshi exclaims that his life and her are the same so this became beautiful for them, Ranay comes asking Sakshi mam to come as he will show her the office space. Manav doesnot understand what she just said and he is tensed.
Niharika is sitting with Akanksha who tries to call her by the name, Niharika explains she is just Misses Holkar for her as she doesnot want to hear any name from her mouth, she instructs Akanksha to take the money but then puts it back explaining she is not giving this money because she wants her to go away from Vibhav, she is sure he would have said it himself; she wants her to know that what importance does she have in his life. Niharika throws the money instructing her to pick it, she even calls the servant to bring the bag explaining these are the clothes that she wore in her absence, as Niharika doesnot wear such clothes. Akanksha reveals she would always be the mother of Yatharth, Niharika with a smile exclaims that the women who left her son for the sake of money can never be the mother.

Yatharth is sitting when Sakshi cam calls him explaining that she got the job in her father’s office, he smiles but then she informs her desk is right in front of Manav.

Akanksha walks out of the cabin when she bumps into Manav, he just stands there when she mentions she needs to leave so he replies she had already left a long while ago, the employees exclaim that he has a really happening life as both his ex and future wife are with him. Manav going to Niharika questions what was Akanksha doing in the cabin, she replies she wants him to reconcile with Akanksha, he gets tensed when she smiles mentioning it was just a joke. Niharika reveals he has still not gotten over Akanksha when Manav says he hates her, Niharika says that the person hurts himself in hate and so he needs to get over her, Niharika leaves the office while Manav thinks about what she has just said.

Yatharth is in the room when Manav calls him explaining that he has really good news, Sakshi mam got a really nice job. Manav starts reading the letter that Yatho wrote but it is still incomplete, he then finds the other letter in which Yatho has written how he cannot become both his son and wife, Manav questions what is going on when Yatho comes out explaining today they are going to talk as adults, he hands Manav the rose, Yatharth then takes out a ring asking if Manav would marry his Sakshi mam, Manav gets shocked.

Precap: Manav reveals Sakshi mam is a really nice women and whoever would marry her will be lucky, Yatho questions then why does he not become that lucky person. Niharika is slapping Vibhav in the lockup while Manav is watching.

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