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Manav explains she has been covering their injuries but now when it is their turn she is going to leave them, Sakshi mam replies she cannot live with them. Yatho worries if she has really left when he rushes out and wonders why did she leave him.

Some time earlier Sakshi mam requests him to come out since she wants to wish him good bye but Yatho exclaims it is fine as she can say good bye from outside, Sakshi mam asks him to not worry as she has taught his father the favorite dish so he will cook it for him, she says that he must not even worry and get stress as he is the stress eater, and that she has also recorded the song in his mobile which he can hear when he wants to sleep and that he can even call her whenever he feels like, she calls him Yatharth when he replies that his name is Parth blaming she is still forgetting him.

Manav is with Malti aunti who says that Sakshi is once again going to lose Parth but this time she would not be able to help her regain her control because she was not able to do it the last time and it is really a worrying situation. Manav is really tensed.

Ranay questions who called them here since no one is allowed in this house with an appointment, Akanksha coming explains that she has invited them all here, she asks Ranay to bring the goodie bags for them all since no one leaves this mansion without a gift, Ranay calls Vibhav warning him about what is going on. Akanksha explains that she has called them here for a good news regarding her marriage with Vibhav, she reveals he gave her a surprise last night by calling his Pandit jee, they have decided to tie the knot on 12th June this month, hearing this they all start dancing when the reporters see Vibhav who tries to sneak away. They question him about the marriage but he tries to leave however Akanksha holds him mentioning they are asking for just one photo so it is not a big deal as he looks nice in everything. Akanksha starts dancing with Vibhav who is forced to act, he tries to leave but she once again holds him back but he is tensed after awhile thinking these are the beats of his ruining life.

Sakshi mam slowly walks away from the bathroom when Yatharth is also really worried, she stands in front of Manav with tears in her eyes, she wipes them off asking Manav if the second tempo came but he replies that it is about to arrive, she says he can cancel it as they will hire a taxi while she goes to bring the bags.

Vibhav is really angry with Ranay questioning why does he not follow his orders, Ranay says that he feels that Vibhav cannot end this lust and asks if he should arrange a destination wedding or a five start hotel, Vibhav starts shouting mentioning he is really angry while Ranay is joking, he signals Vibhav to stop since Bubbly is sitting behind him, Vibhav goes there questioning what is she doing here, she replies she is listening to the wedding songs because she has to perform at his wedding, he in anger explains she must never come out of her room, Vibhav informs Ranay that he wants to get rid of them all, Ranay asks about Bubbly but he replies even Akanksha too.

The workers are taking the bags to the tempo when Sakshi mam comes asking Malti aunti where are their bags, Manav replies that he has her bags since he placed them with their belongings. Sakshi requests him to not do this but he says that she has in these past few months stayed with Yatharth in his every step and helped him achieve it all but now when it is finally their time to help her, why is she leaving. Manav says that she must try to ask it from her heart because then she will get the answer, Sakshi sits down crying when Manav also sits, he is about to place his hand but she rushes out of the house with the bags.

Yatharth gets scared thinking that it is really quiet so wonders if Sakshi mam has really left, he is not able to find her so then kneels on the floor, he recalls how she used to make pizza for him and even helped him overcome his stammering problem, yatho exclaims that she cannot leave him just then someone places their hand on his shoulder, he thinks it is Manav so exclaims that even Sakshi mam has left him but she replies she could not leave him, Yatho immediately hugs her saying that she must never leave him, she agrees when he in excitement also says it to Manav.
Manav looks to Sakshi mam thinking how he followed her, he explained that when Akanksha left she took care of yatho like his real mother and was standing with them in every problem that came to their doorstep so since she was a part of their problems then will also be a part of their happiness and joy and one more thing that from today onwards she is just going to be Sakshi, hearing this she is filled with tears when he offers her the tissue which she accepts wiping off her tears, he exclaims she is really strong and has a good heart but they are not so stupid to allow her to leave, he is not that selfish so that he cannot share his joys with her, Manav asks her to stop crying because he has also learned counselling from her so can they open a clinic, she replied they would get arrested when Manav agrees to end the idea as he heard they donot give pizza in the clinic.

Manav is looking at Sakshi mam, Yatho asks them both to kneel down and explains from now on they both are going to stay with him, Malti aunti seeing this praises Bhagwan, both Sakshi mam and Manav kiss Yatho.

Manav sitting in the car is directing the cab driver when he requests Malti aunti to not feel so bad since she and Sakshi mam would have to share a room when she replies there is nothing to worry about when the hearts are big.

Manav gets out of the car when they all are shocked to see that it is such a big house, Manav mentions that he feels they have come on the wrong address, yatho says he has started forgetting the routes but Manav explains house still doesnot have the name plate, they all are worried when he takes it out from the car placing it on the pillar, yatho asks in excitement if this is their house. Mr Kholkar coming out from the house informs that since his father is now the CEO so it was necessary that he lives in such a bungalow and not a flat but it was really difficult to make him understand. Ayesha hugs Yatharth explaining that now her house is really close to their so she would come whenever she feels like.
Manav going to Mr Kholkar explains he doesnot know what he is but just that he actually needed this support which Mr Kholkar provided. Manav mentions he is just a mango man, Yatho asks if this is a superhero when he replies that it means a common person. Yatho asks if both the common man and boy can go inside, Manav replies yatho is his super son.

Precap: Manav performs the arti of Yatho mentioning he is his Lakshmi and all. Mr Kholkar introduces Manav to the staff as the new CEO of Kholkar industries when the employees say that a CEO should have the leadership qualities but he doesnot have any, hearing this Manav and Mr Kholkar get tensed.

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