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Manav opens the door of the house, Yatho is mesmerized to see how beautiful their new house is, Manav mentions they are going to perform the GrehPerwash with his son, he stats performing the arti mentioning Yatho is his Lakshmi and the thirty three thousand deities’. He requests Yatho to take off his shoes instructing him how to perform the rituals, they all are sitting in the pooja with the Pandit jee, everyone has smiles in their face when Pandit jee asks them all to close their eyes and recall their desires. Manav prays that he has helped him in fighting all the problems but he should also help him in the future, he has taken the job of the CEO to get the custody of yatho but he must be able to fulfill the job because Ayesha and Mr Kholkar have shown a lot interest in him, even Sakshi mam and Malti aunti get all the happiness which they deserve. Yatho prays that he has made Sakshi mam stay with them so now everything should be fine. Sakshi mam also prays that she got her Parth so now must be able to make sure he lives a happy life.

Manav gets a call from Mr Kholkar who questions where is he when Manav replies he is still in the home, Mr Kholkar replies they do not have a lot of time to save this company and as Manav is the CEO of this company then he needs the spend most of his time in the office, Malti aunti questions where is he going by leaving the pooja as it is not nice when Manav replies that even the work is a sort of pooja, he is only going because of the reason because of which they all are here. Malti aunti also smiles.

Vibhav is really tensed sitting on the sofa, Akanksha comes questioning if he is not going to the office today when Vibhav replies he has found out from his sources that Manav is going to enter the office as the CEO of Kholkar industries, Akanksha smiling replies that she should then congratulate him on his promotion when Vibhav questions if she is making fun of him and is impressed with the promotion of her ex, when Akanksha mentions she is getting frustrated on his failure because they lost the case of Yatho and Manav is standing against him as a CEO who till yesterday was nothing will now be his rival, Vibhav in anger pushes her to sit down, he explains that her rule following Manav has now entered his territory the corporate world where there is nothing like being fair so now he is going to show Manav his place and position which he is going to do but till that time she must keep herself in control as if he has to do it then she would be in a lot of pain.

Manav reaches the office in the auto but the guard stops him saying the auto is not allowed, Manav says he can walk on his own, the guards question who does he want to meet but Manav is about to reveal when they say that sales man are not allowed Manav informs he is the CEO of Kholkar industries hearing which they start laughing joking if Manav is the CEO then he is Amitabh Bachan, they still refuse him when Manav calls Mr Kholkar explaining that the guards are not allowing him to enter the office, Neha rushes to the door questioning if they want to get fired from their job when Manav explains it is not their problem since people are judged on the basis of the car they drive, the guards apologize when Manav asks if they are going to remember him from tomorrow.

Malti aunti hands the Pandit jee Kundali of Sakshi mam asking if there is a possibility of second marriage, Pandit jee explains her relation with her parents would not have been so calm, Malti aunti explains that when she was twenty four years old, she married her son but then her parents broke all ties with her, he explains even her marriage would not have been so peaceful, Malti aunti explains that after nine years her son and the Grandson both died in a car accident when Sakshi mam calls both Ayesha and Parth to come and have their food. Pandit jee gets confused explaining that Parth is still alive but then Malti aunti explains that he is not that Parth but his real name is Yatho, Sakshi only calls her Parth because of the love which she has for him when Pandit jee explains that she would be get married really soon.
Mr Kholkar takes Manav into the office introducing him to all the staff mentioning he is the new CEO of Kholkar industries. The staff are worried gossiping who has Mr Kholkar made as the CEO, Manav asks them to think of him as an employee because he feels that the CEO should be available to the staff so if they have any suggestions then should come to his cabin, they question how is he going to do it when most of the employees have not gotten their salary since the past three months, another employee explains that the company can be successful because of a good leader but Manav doesnot have any experience hearing this he gets tensed.

Yatho is decorating the house with Ayesha and Sakshi mam, he insists on putting the drawing that he made when Sakshi mam hugs him, Ayesha questions why is she so far away.

Manav is looking at the financials so asks Neha to arrange all of the files for him, she walks out to see an employee peeking into his office and asks what is he searching for when he replies that he was just looking at the new CEO, she leaves with him.

Yatharth places a name plate outside the room of Sakshi mam explaining this will be her room and he really loves her, so he would one day sleep with his father while the second day would sleep with her.

Two of the employees come outside the office of Manav seeing him, they wonder why has not any official invited him for the lunch, they gossip that he is was a normal government employee, they joke how odd it would look when he opens his tiffin in front of the board of directors.

Sakshi mam and Ayesha lie down on the sofa exclaiming they got really tired today when yatho comes questioning what are they both doing because they promised to help him prepare the cake and if they sit like this then nothing would happen, Ayesha asks him to stop the drama since Sakshi mam has already instructed the cooking staff on the dishes that need to be prepared, just then a worker comes asking her to taste it with which she is really impressed. Yatharth however gets sad, Sakshi mam tickling him explains he can do something else.

Manav is in the office working when Mr Kholkar enters the office, he asks if Manav has finished eating. Mr Kholkar is tensed when Manav questions if everything is fine, Mr Kholkar informs that their employees are resigning one after another so Manav would have to do something when Neha enters asking if he called her, he asks her to arrange a press con. Manav gets tensed when Mr Kholkar explains there is nothing to be worried about since today was his first day so he must be ready for the press con, he advises Manav to arrive in his full attire as he has to answer all the questions that they ask, Mr Kholkar also asks him to come in the company car since even when he thinks he should live a simple life, he must adjust with this world because the corporate world is based on showing off. Mr Kholkar leaves while Manav gets tensed.
Sakshi mam explains that she has arranged a house warning party for ten to twelve people, Malti aunti questions when will she arrange a party for her own house as she must think about her future, when Sakshi doesnot understand anything. Malti aunti explains that even when this world is really beautiful and has immense live, it doesnot belong to her. She mentions she has always thought of Sakshi as her own daughter so will make sure she gets married by the end of this year, Sakshi replies that she is not ready for this change, Malti aunti says she knows Sakshi is worried she would be away from her Parth which she cannot bear.

Manav is in the office and is really tensed, Neha comes informing him that the press con is ready and even the Board of directors have arrived, Manav starts packing his things when he recalls how Mr Kholkar asked him to come in his full attire, Neha notices that something is wrong, Manav requests if she has a tie which can be arranged, Neha leaves while Manav starts going through the files, Neha returns explaining she was not able to find any tie better then this. Manav starts placing it.

Precap: Neha introduces Yatho as the son of Mr Manav while Sakshi as his wife, Yatho explains this was the card on which they wrote the wrong name, Ayesha questions what if they turn it into the truth, Yatho doesnot understand when Ayesha explains what if she becomes Misses Bajpayee, Yatharth gets excited thinking that his teacher would become his mother.

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