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Akanksha reveals that she did not love him and if they had stayed together, it would have caused pain to the both of them, he must forget everything while it is the better for them all, she requests him to sign it, Rohit walking to Khuhshal jee exclaims that Manav has a really good time since his ex and present are both present here, Khushal jee sends him away and signals Sakshi to the office of Manav.

Sakshi sees Manav talking with Akanksha, she starts hearing their conversation and hears that Manav assured he doesnot have any problem with the mutual divorce but before he can sign them, Sakshi goes to interrupt them requesting Manav to come since it is urgent, he is shocked to see her and questions what is she doing here, Sakshi replies that she came here for her personal work but what was he going to do, she questions why is he signing the divorce papers without having them checked from the lawyer, Manav doesnot understand anything, she reveals she has witnessed a lot of cases like these where one of the partners usually tries to play a game, she feels Akanksha might try to snatch the custody of Yatharth from him. Manav rushes back inside wishing her Happy Birthday, he purposefully pours water over the divorce papers, he immediately apologizes for his behavior explaining he doesnot know how things fell from his hand, Sakshi starts smiling. Akanksha replies it is nothing to be worried about since she will get another one but Manav suggest that she mail him a draft as even he is allowed such corruption but Akanksha exclaims, they would even need an Affidavid with it, Manav taunts that since it is his first divorce so he is not aware of these legalities. Akanksha picks the papers, she thanks him for being so nice to her before turning away, Akanksha also sees Sakshi mam standing outside the office, mentioning she turned out to be really fast as she even came to the house, Akanksha taunts saying that she is homeless while Manav got the perfect Nanny for Yatho, Sakshi says even she has gotten jobless but she did not get fired in front of the entire media. She taunt Akanksha who gets angry before leaving.

Manav comes out asking what is the important work, he even calls Khushal jee since he has some important work.

Bubblie has some other women of the NGO who are shouting slogans against Vibhav, he comes out with Ranay and question what are they trying to do, when Bubblie exclaims that her husband got thrown in jail because of being affiliated with his company while he is not even trying to do anything, Bubblie starts calling Akanksha, Vibhav informs that she is not I the house. The women from NGO threaten to file a case against his company since they cannot bear that the rights of a women are violated, Vibhav replies even he believes that women should get all the rights, he signals Ranay who writes a cheque for the NGO, the representative after seeing the amount starts smiling, Ranay whispers that the women is lying, she leaves with all of the women who accompanied Bubblie from the NGO, Vibhav and Ranay threaten to sent her to jail but she rushes into the house searching for Akanksha.

Manav in the office asks Khushal jee if he knows anyone who is a lawyer, Khushal jee smiles mentioning he left the ill practices since they became friends but before that he only made friends with the lawyer, Manav asks him to then fax his friend the copy of this divorce paper requesting him to check if there is any angle of child custody. Manav asks Sakshi mam how did she come here, she replies she needed to get the sign of an officer on some of her legal documents, he immediately offers to help her but she replies that her wok has finished, she thought of saying Hello. Manav explains now that she has come, she must have anything since today is her birthday, and it is a cause for celebration but Sakshi replies that she doesnot celebrate her birthday anymore because of some personal reasons, and he must not ask her any such question which she cannot answer. Manav replies she is always suggesting him to chill while she herself is not celebrating the birthday. Sakshi says that Mummi told her that Yatho found out about her birthday, but Manav reveals that he is now planning to celebrate it, she requests him to do anything that he can to stop this party, however Manav explains that it is not right as they would have prepared everything, Sakshi mam replies she is not giving them permission to celebrate her birthday. Khushal jee seeks permission to enter, he informs that Manav managed to protect Yatho by not signing these papers because if he had signed them then would have lost the custodial rights, Manav gets tensed hearing this Sakshi tries to leave but Manav insists she has tea however Sakshi leaves. Khushal jee explains that Manav thanked her for coming today but in fact she was sent a while ago.

Ayesha and Yatharth are preparing for the celebration when Manav enter the house, Ayesha greets him, Yatho calls Sakshi who reveals that she has another interview lined up and might get late so he should not wait for her, Manav sits with Malti aunti asking the reason Sakshi mam doesnot celebrate her birthday, she reveals Sakshi has her reasons which is why she wanted to stop yatho but seeing his excitement did not have the courage.

Yatharth is standing behind the wardrobe when Ayesha stands behind him however he is not looking, she turns to Manav whispering him a plan to which even he agrees, they both take out the Violin when Ayesha questions if he knows how to play the violin to which Manav replies he never used to play but would just play it, but it was a long time ago and he doesnot know if he will be prayed or scolded, he tries to play it but then starts making mistakes so Ayesha says that he should just put back, Manav exclaims he was not playing but then starts playing it, both Ayesha and Yatharth start dancing, he stops exclaiming that there is something so he kisses Yatharth before once again playing it when Malti aunti is really happy seeing them, she recalls how they would celebrate the birthday of Parth in their house, while also playing the song.

Sakshi sitting outside the Mandir recalls the memories and hears a cry, she receives a text from her mother in law who reveals that both their pains are similar but it doesnot mean they should stop celebrating life, and what about the young boy who is eagerly waiting for her, she requests Sakshi to come back as soon as possible however Sakshi wonders how can she celebrate her birthday with him when all of her happiness were taken away.

Precap: Akanksha questions Manav what is this when he informs this is the mutual divorce but it states that she will no longer have any right over Yatharth after their divorce, she gets mad hearing this. Yatharth questions Manav why did Sakshi mam not return, he reveals that she doesnot like celebrating her birthday, Yatharth is shocked.

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