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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nurse saying you can meet the patient now, but don’t go altogether. Charu and Akriti go to meet Anu. Anu says you here… Charu says I had to come for you. She says when we got to know, that you are shot, we came running. Charu says next time, you take Akriti along when you go out, you got saved because of her. She asks Anu how are you feeling now. Anu turns away. Charu says we will go now, so that everyone else meets him. She taunts Anu. Anu says I m getting sleep. Nurse asks them to go. Golu gets Gungun there. Charu asks where are you taking her. Golu says to meet Anu. Charu scolds him. Golu says I remember what you told and what you taught us, I learnt this from you to support the truth, I m supporting the right today. Ankit says you know, Anu got fine because of Gungun, if you stop her, then its wrong. Yug says it will be injustice. Akriti says injustice is happening with me, I m Anu’s wife, you are taking this girl to meet him. Gungun says please let me see him, I don’t want to meet him. Akriti says never. Gungun says I promise, I will go away from you all. Charu shouts no means no. Anu hears this and asks the nurse what’s happening. Nurse says nothing. He says call Gungun inside, else I will go outside. She says your stitches will open if you move. He gets up. She runs to call the doctor. Anu comes out and sees Gungun.

Gungun asks did you go mad, why did you get up from the bed. Akriti says because of you, do you want to see him dead, if not, then just get out. Anu says no need to go anywhere, Gungun. He stumbles and feels pain. He says no one can make you leave from here. Gungun asks him to go and lie down on the bed. Doctor comes and asks Anu to lie down, else his stitches will open. Anu says I won’t go until I meet Gungun. He says if Akriti wants me to die, then she can stop me from meeting Gungun. Charu asks Akriti to keep patience, once Anu gets fine, I will make everything fine. Akriti steps aside. Gungun goes to Anu. He finds her hurt.

Gungun takes him inside the ward. He says the world can try their best, but I won’t let you get away from me, never. Akriti cries. Charu gets angry. Gungun makes Anu lie down. She says you will get the bravery award as well. He says my award is in front of me, when I was in front of the terrorists, I didn’t feel I can meet you. She says sorry, if I had opened the door by listening to you, then this would have not happened. He says don’t feel guilty, I would have done the same, but you did a lot to find me, you didn’t care for your life, they threatened me that they will kill you, I didn’t listen to them, sorry. She says don’t feel guilty, I know you were thinking of the country, not us, I m proud of you. He says I fell weak and thought to accept defeat, but you didn’t, I thought if you can tolerate this for me, then I can also fight them. She says I don’t know about our relation, but I will always love you. He says you won’t go anywhere, I won’t let you go away. She says I used to say that I can’t live without dad, but your love kept me alive, right. They cry holding hands. Nurse says let him rest now. Anu says I m fine. Gungun says she is right, take rest now. He says please don’t go. She says I won’t go away from your heart, but from you. He says I can permit my life to go, but not you. She says I don’t know your and Akriti’s relation… He says its just a compromise between us. He feels hurt. She says we will talk later, take rest now. He asks will you come to meet me. She asks what’s this kiddishness. He says its love, I was afraid that I will go away from you if I die, its better I die now if I have to get away from you. She says don’t talk of dying. He says don’t talk of going away, where will you go, meet Golu, he won’t let you go. She says let me go. He says I will never leave your hand till I die. She cries.

Charu scolds Chandru. He asks couldn’t you stop Anu. Golu says he was adamant. Charu says shut up, don’t try to explain me, you all have lost your minds, I can’t live in such a house. Ankit says Anu’s state is such that we can’t explain him. Yug says Anu isn’t wrong, he wants to thank Gungun that she saved his life. Charu scolds them. Golu and Yug scold Akriti. Charu asks what’s her fault, try to understand her, she is in sorrow, Gungun is not just breaking Akriti’s house, but the entire family, go and call her. Gungun comes out.

Akriti says you should be ashamed, everyone was here and you went with Anu. Gungun says nurse was there, you could have come too, what’s my fault if Anu didn’t want to meet you. Akriti slaps her. Everyone looks on.

Charu says Anu lost his mind, he won’t understand me, so I m explaining you, go away, if you meet him, then I will leave the food. Gungun asks Golu not to upset the family for her sake. Akriti says don’t come back. Gungun says you should try to become a good wife, and also a good person.

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