Kangana Ranaut spoke on the Hindi language controversy, said – Tamil is an older language than Hindi but…

Kangana spoke to ABP News on this controversy and said – there is no direct answer to this matter. Our country is made up of diversity, different languages ​​and diverse cultures. Everyone has a birthright to feel proud of their culture (like I am a Pahari) but as our country is, it needs a thread to make it a unit. If we have to respect the constitution then our constitution has made Hindi the national language. Tamil is a language older than Hindi but Sanskrit is older than that. If you want to ask me, my statement, then the national language should be Sanskrit because from Kannada to Tamil to Gujarati to Hindi, everything has come from him. 

Kangna further said – I do not have the answer to why Hindi was made by leaving Sanskrit. These are decisions taken at that time but when there is a demand for Khalistan when they say that we do not believe in Hindi. When youths are misled, they are denying the Constitution. There was also a movement of Tamil when they wanted a separate nation. When you demand the Republic of Bengal and you say that you do not recognize Hindi. Then you are not denying Hindi but you are denying Delhi as a center of power. There are many layers to this thing and when you talk about it then you should have an idea of ​​all these things. When you deny Hindi, you are also denying this constitution of ours and the government (power) of Delhi. am i right or wrong? You don’t believe in our government, whether it is our Supreme Court, any kind of act, whatever government does in Delhi, it does it in Hindi, right? Whether you go around the country or even go out. Be it German, French, Spanish, they take pride in their languages. No Matter How Dark the Colonial History Is, Fortunately and Unfortunately English has become a link to communication. Should English be the unifying language? Or should Hindi, Sanskrit or Tamil be the linking language? We have to decide this. 

Kangana spoke on the success of South Indian films
We dub our films in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, we are taking our films to other states of the country Huh. The controversy surrounding the films of South and North or South India is very unfortunate. He has always been treated step-motherly and that is why today he is feeling victorious. This (injustice) should not have happened to them.

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