Kanhaiyalal’s son renounced footwear, said – till the killers are hanged…

Rajasthan News: There is still outrage across the country in the murder case of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur on June 28. In the reality show, rapping songs are being done on Kanhaiyalal murder case, while somewhere there is a protest to punish the accused of his murder. In this sequence, Yash Teli, the elder son of Kanhaiyalal, has also taken a vow. Yash has been barefoot for the last two and a half months i.e. from the time when the massacre took place. He has said that I will not wear slippers on my feet until I see the killers of my father hanging. 

Investigation agencies should respond
Yash said that it has been two and a half months since the murder, but there is no satisfactory answer from any side. It is not being told when the investigation will be completed and when the killers will be hanged. Because the way he has worked with his father, he should be given the death penalty. He has also said that the whole country has united in this. Songs are also being made on this, so people are also protesting. In such a situation, now the investigating agencies should answer as soon as possible. Further said that I have taken a vow in myself that I will remain barefoot till I see the killers hanging on the gallows.

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going barefoot to other places including office
It is worth noting that on June 28, Kanhaiya Lal was brutally murdered. Since then his eldest son Yash Sahu is barefoot. Whether he is going to office in the scorching sun or somewhere else outside for work, he is going barefoot. His vow will be fulfilled only when the accused are sentenced to death.

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