Karan Kundrra’s attitude in lock up, Mandana Karimi left the show in anger

Has Mandana Karimi quit the show? What has happened to Mandana Karimi, who took entry two days back, out of the show? These questions are arising since the new promo of the show came out. In which Mandana Karimi is seen leaving the show after an argument with Karan Kundrra.

Jailor Karan Kundrra gets angry again 
The jailer of lock up gets very angry and loses his temper in anger. This time too, when the rules of the game were broken, Karan Kundra got upset and became the victim of his anger, Mandana Karimi. In the new promo of the show that has come out, there seems to be an argument between Mandana Karimi and Karan Kundrra about something. On listening carefully, it is revealed that Karan Kundrra got angry since Mandana Karimi did not follow the rules during the game. In this promo, Karan Kundrra is shouting to Mandana not to teach her how to work. And then this debate keeps on increasing. 


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Did Mandana really get out of the show
The end of this promo shows how Mandana leaves the task at the behest of Karan Kundrra. But will she really leave the show or will she be called back? Will she not be seen again in the show now? Well it will be known after watching this full episode. Well, this is not the first time that jailer Karan Kundrra has got angry during the task. Rather, even last time, he got annoyed for not following the rules of the contestants well. And he did not hesitate to even abuse on national television.    

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