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Scene 1
Baji grabs Kashi and says I want to save you, I don’t know why but I do. Kashi says you want me to plead to you? I just want you to be a stone and I will not plead for my life. If Krishna doesn’t come then I will get capital punishment. You have already announced my punishment so I can’t ask you to change it. I am your wife and I don’t want people to question you so it’s better that I get death punishment. I will wait for the morning. She leaves from there. Baji looks on.

In the morning, Kashi gets ready and comes to the ground where all are waiting for her. She looks at Baji and goes to stand on the death stand. The security head asks if she has any last wishes? Kashi says I want my husband to punish me. As a husband, he has a right to give me a death punishment so I want him to finish this deed. Baji looks on and recalls their childhood friendship. He comes to her. Kashi says I know it’s not easy for you as well and you must be having a war inside you so I will do your tilak like I would do if you go on a war. She does his aarti and tilak. Kashi says I have broken your 6 condition which was that I couldn’t apply tilak to you. Baji is stunned and says your death is in front of you and you are worried about conditions? Kashi says I am not seeing death but the afterlife. I will free you from me today. The security head says it’s time to give her the death punishment. Baji offers his head to her, she holds it and stands near the noose. Baji ties her hands and recalls their moments. Kashi says even if I die, you won’t be able to separate me from yourself. You will miss me. Baji puts a noose around her neck and is about to pull it to kill her. Kashi prays for the last time. Baji is about to pull the noose when Krishna enters the palace and says stop. Kashi loses balance but Baji grabs her and takes off the noose from her. Krishna falls down and says I am your traitor so leave my sister alone. Baji grabs his spear and says I will kill you right now for your deeds. Kashi says I want to talk to you both alone. Baji leaves from there.

Baji talks to Krishna and Kashi. Baji tells Krishna that your sister could have died because of you, I will not spare you. Kashi says I don’t think he should get the death punishment. Baji says you wanted me to do justice so why do a deal now? Kashi says I am not doing any deal, your main criminal was the spy as he planned all this but Krishna’s only crime is to steal from the finance. Baji asks if she has any proof for all of this? I will kill your brother now for being a traitor. Krishna cries and says I was scared after stealing money. Baji says I was a fool to trust you, you are a coward. Krishna says I was ashamed to face you but I am ready to face any punishment. I just want to tell you that I didn’t know about the attack on you and Shahu. Please forgive me. Kashi asks him to get up and says it’s good that you came back and showed bravery. She tells Baji that he came back because of me so I should have a right to give him punishment. Baji says you are right, I will let you decide about his punishment but don’t punish him like a sister because if the council finds your punishment inadequate then we will punish him and it will be death punishment. You have time till today afternoon. He leaves from there. Kashi looks on.

The episode ends.

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