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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Everyone is in the council. Baji asks Kashi to announce her punishment for the traitor Krishna. Kashi says I have decided that we will confiscate all his wealth and then he will have to pay back the money that he stole. He will have to work as a commoner to earn all this money back. Also as a punishment for helping the spy, he will be beaten with 100 hunters. He will be a common man and his position will be taken from him which will be an insult to him. When he will be with common people, they will taunt him which will be a bigger punishment than death. He will realize what a mistake he has done. Baji accepts her punishment for Krishna. Kashi has a sigh of relief. Baji leaves. Krishna thanks Kashi for giving him a new life. Kashi asks him to repent his mistakes. The soldiers take him away.

Radha is praying in her room and says it’s good that Kashi was not given death punishment. Kaviri checks her and says you have a fever. Radha says don’t tell Baji as he is going to leave tomorrow.

Baji is preparing for his journey. He talks to the chief who tells him that he has done the construction on our land. Baji says that’s good. Baji looks out of the window and finds Krishna working as a common man and struggling. Baji thinks Kashi gave him the right punishment, this will make him a better man. I should thank Kashi.

Kashi is sitting alone sadly and looks at Krishna working with farmers. She tells Ganga that he never worked a day in his life and now look at him. Ganga says he has to pay for his deeds. Kashi sees Baji looking out of the window and goes to him.

Scene 2
Baji and Kashi meet each other. They both thank each other. Kashi is surprised that he thanked her and says I.. umm.. thank you for accepting my decision. Baji says you took the right decision, you always said to give a chance to people to make them a better person. Thank you. Kashi says thank you for giving me this opportunity. Baji says I am going on a journey tomorrow. Kashi says there is a pooja tomorrow. Baji says I will leave after pooja. Kashi thinks if he leaves then 7th condition won’t be fulfilled. Baji says we are going on a war and you are thinking about the 7th condition? You couldn’t break it so you have to leave from here tomorrow. You thought I will change my decision after all this? Never. I will leave for the war and you will go back to your parents house tomorrow. He leaves. Kashi looks on.

Radha is in her room and not feeling well. Baji comes there and says I told Kashi to go back to her parents house tomorrow. Radha says it will give peace to your father. Baji says yes, I want her to go from my life. He leaves. Radha says I knew she couldn’t trap my son. She will have to leave now.

Kashi is packing her bags. Ganga says I pray that you can somehow break the last condition. Kashi says let it be.

Kashi sits near the river and recalls Baji’s words that she should leave. Baji comes there and throws a stone near her. He says I know why you are here. It was never about conditions. I have seen you closely in last some days and I have understood that you have a lot of skills and talents but your old mistakes hide your good deeds. My father died because of you, I can never forget that. Nothing will ever change between us. I can never forget and forgive you for your mistakes. He pushes her away and leaves from there. Kashi is hurt.

The episode ends.

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