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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 16th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Baji and Mastani are in the jungle at night, Mastani says I am scared of the night time. Baji laughs and says I thought you are a warrior. Mastani says my brothers have always attacked me at night so I am scared. Baji says I am sorry for making fun of you. Baji says don’t worry, I will show you the light. He brings her to the flower garden and says look around, these light up in the dark. Mastani smiles and says this is beautiful. Mastani looks in the water and says we are together in this shadow, let me keep this is a memory. Baji says let’s go and find the moon but a really moon is with me. Mastani smiles and finds butterflies around. Baji shows jugnus to her and says this is the real light you need. Mastani says my heart has light up with all this beauty. Baji smiles looking at her. Mastani says you can dance even if you are a warrior, you have to dance with me. Baji tries to dance with her but is stiff. Mastani dances around her.

Mastani’s brother Yuvraj is planning to kill Mastani with with a poisonous arrow. He finds Jugnus flying around and says to his force that Baji and Mastani must be around.

Baji tells Mastani that whenever you look at Jugnus, just remember me. Mastani says they will always remind me of you. Mastani is walking with Baji when Yuvraj tries to attack her with an arrow but they move away.

Baji and Mastani light a fire in the jungle. Mastani starts cooking. She says give me a chance, she makes him eat with her hands and says I will live my life with these memories. I don’t need anything else, I will remmeber your scent and live my life with that. Baji says I will never forget this food and this time with you. Mastani says I know how to survive in the jungles so you can take me with you on wars. Baji says I can never forget meeting you. You have made me realize what it’s like to be crazy in love but I can’t accept your life. Mastani says I wish you could accept my love but at least you acknowledge and that’s enough for me. Baji holds her hand.

Radha tells Kashi that I have arranged your baby shower. Kashi says Baji should be present for that. Radha says I have Sooriya to bring him back.

Baji is walking in the jungle with Mawstani. He asks her to sit down. Mastani says I need a small life to be happy, we can go away from here and spend our time together. Baji says that’s a good decision but my duties are my responsibilities, I like spending time with you but it’s wrong. I don’t regret my old life, my wars have shaped my life. My people respect me so I can’t go away. Mastani says my love is not selfish, your duties make me respect you more. Baji says we should sleep now. They both lie together and smile at each other.

Kashi is waiting for Baji and sings a bhajan. Ganga comes there and says you should calm down. Kashi says I don’t know why Baji is not coming, if he is not coming back then I will go to him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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