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Scene 1
Baji and Mastani lie down to sleep but Baji keeps seeing bad dreams so Mastani sits with him and says I will ease your heart. She starts singing lullaby for him. Baji feels at peace and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Sooriya comes to Mastani’s father. He says my sons tried to attack Mastani so Baji went with her. Sooriya says I just care about Baji. Her father says don’t worry, my soldiers are locating them and I will send you to Baji soon.

Baji wakes up in the morning and finds Mastani sleeping. He smiles and says you gave me the most peaceful night of sleep. I have lived a life with you in this jungle but I have to go back to my life now where I am Peshwa Bajirao. He puts his sword near her and starts leaving but Mastani wakes up and says you are leaving me again? Baji says I have given you memories for your lifetime. Mastani says you can leave but you are leaving a Baji who is caged, please share what’s in your heart. Baji says I can’t. Mastani says you can’t leave because you promised to not leave me till I say so. Baji says I have to break my promise. Mastani says I know you are breaking your promise to me only but I just have one wish. She hugs him from behind and says share your feelings with me please. Baji holds her hand and says all my moments with you have been special. You are a warrior but you are so soft when you are in love. He puts her hand on his heart and says I never knew someone could love me like this. When you dance, I can’t look away from you. You make me feel like life is dancing around me. When you confessed your love to me, it showed that your love is based on waiting, pain, and patience. Your love has changed my perspective. I am glad I came to this jungle but I have to leave now. Mastani says can’t you share what I am dying to hear? Baji says sometimes words can destroy lives so I am begging you to not ask me anything and let me go. Mastani says don’t beg me, I don’t care if you can’t fulfill your promises to me. I will fulfill promises alone. I am ready to let you go. She says I lied to you and that I will live without you but I can’t. I have lived my life in this jungle with you so just finish me. She gives the sword to him and says I rather die than see you leave. Baji says you promised me that you will live. Mastani says just end my life if you can’t be in it. Baji says you have to learn to live. Mastani says I can’t live if I don’t have my love with me. I just want to hear what’s in your heart before leaving this world. Baji holds her face and says I also.. some soldier suddenly attacks them.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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