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Scene 1
Sooriya talks to his army and says we don’t have much time left so we have to do everything fast. Kashi says baba will get the death sentence if we don’t act fast. Sooriya checks the map to try to find out Chimaji. Sooriya says I think they will change his location. Kashi says I don’t think they will take him away as they want to fool us so they won’t go too far away. Kashi says I will go with you people.

Mughals talk to each other and decide to change Chimaji’s location.

Kashi, Sooriya and his soldiers hide. They keep an eye on everyone so they can find Mughals trying to change Chimaji’s location.

Mahadji is brought to the people to give him a death sentence. Radha thinks he has to pay for his daughter’s deeds.

Sooriya is checking all the carts leaving the checkpoint. A cart driver is scared but Sooriya lets them go. Kashi says to stop them and check. They check the cart and Mughal’s soldiers come out of the car, they start fighting Sooriya and his soldiers. Sooriya beats them all and finds Chimaji tied in the cart. Sooriya says we have to go back.

Mahadji is given the last chance to tell about Chimaji otherwise he will be given a death sentence. Mahadji is silent. A soldier is ready to kill him with an arrow. Kashi arrives there and stop but the punisher throws an arrow and Mahadji gets hit. Sooriya brings Chimaji there and says Kashi saved me in time. Mahadji is taken from there as he is injured. Kashi cries for him.

The doctor checks Mahadji and tells Kashi that he is out of danger. Kashi sees Mahadji lying on the bed and cries. She says I am sorry, please forgive me. I know you are miffed with me but please forgive me. Mahadji says you are not my daughter anymore, you are a Peshwan. Kashi says I was stuck in the situation. Mahadji says but you have destroyed my honor in this process. I am not your father anymore, you are just a Peshwan for me. Kashi cries and says please don’t say that. Mahadji says I have lost my daughter. Kashi says please don’t say that, she sits at his feet and says I am sorry, please don’t leave. Mahadji says I have to go as my daughter died so I have to do her last rituals. He leaves from there. Kashi breakdowns and cries.

Scene 2
Kashi is sitting alone. Ragma and Chimaji come there. Ragma says sorry for doubting you. Chimaji says I am alive because of you only. Ragma says please forgive me. Kashi hugs her and says you are my sister so don’t worry. They hear an announcement that Baji is coming back. Kashi comes out and finds Baji coming back to the palace. He greets Radha. Kashi nods at him, he smiles at her. Baji hugs Chimaji and says I am happy to see you back. Chimaji says I am sorry for all this. Baji says it’s good that you are fine. Baji thanks Sooriya for helping. Sooriya praises Kashi’s plan. Kashi says it’s not like that, I took help from everyone. They are all brave. Baji says great work. He says I have punished the Mughals. Baji leaves. Ganga says you should have told him that you had to fight with your family because of all this. Kashi says I did all this because I love him, not because I want his praises. Ganga says but he could have praised you individually.

The episode ends.

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