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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 29th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
The meeting starts and Baji thanks Kashi for handling things. Sooriya says Krishna had put his life in danger to save Chimaji, I think we should praise his bravery. Baji calls Krishna there and says I knew you would prove to be my brother, thank you for doing that and I am freeing you from your punishments. He hugs him and Kashi smiles. Krishna says you have a big heart, I am happy to help you and this praise will always remind me why should I be on your side. Sooriya tells Baji that Mahadji is waiting for your statement to leave from here. Baji says why is he here? What is going on here? Sooriya says Mahadji was arrested as we doubted that he kidnapped Chimaji. Baji asks Kashi what was the reason to arrest your father? The minister says we found his stamp near the kidnapping site and then Radha pressurized Kashi and blamed her for being partial so Kashi had to arrest him. Then Radha gave a death sentence to Mahadji. Baji is stunned and leaves from there.

Baji angrily comes to Radha’s room and asks why did you give the death punishment to Mahadji? Radha says because the proof was against him and Kashi was not doing anything against him. Baji says those proofs were not final. Radha says you are shouting at me because of Kashi? Baji says she is a Peshwan so you should respect her decisions. Radha says I am tired. Baji says I hope you don’t bring personal grudges in country matters. He leaves from there. Kashi follows him and smiles. Ganga stops her and says come to help me with Krishna’s room. Kashi says I have to go somewhere. Ganga teases her that you don’t have time for your brother? Kashi says fine.

Kashi, Ragma and Ganga are setting up Krishna’s room. Kashi tries to leave but they tease her and don’t let her go. Kashi runs from there to go and meet Baji.

Kashi is looking around for Baji, she finds him in the corridor and hides. Baji finds her hiding and smiles. He is about to go to her but Sooriya comes there so he gets scared. Baji says I am not scared. Sooriya says these are heart matters. Baji asks what’s the matter? Sooriya says I had some work. Kashi leaves from there. Baji looks around but goes with Sooriya.

Kashi gets the balm for Baji and says I have a reason to meet him now. Ragma and Ganga stop her. They ask where are you going? Ragma says tonight is your first night with Baji. Kashi blushes and tries to run from there. They say you have to give us something to leave from here. Kashi says I will give you anything you want. She runs from there.

Kashi lights her room with diyas and says I have waited for Baji for 7 years but this night is long. I have been waiting for you, when will he come? She says I look at him, thinking one day his heart will melt for me. She falls asleep waiting for him.
The episode ends.

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