Keeping India’s interests paramount, PM Modi showed the path of peace

SCO Summit 2022: Prime Minister also on the forum of Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit being held in Samarkand city of Uzbekistan Narendra Modi has managed to leave his mark. He has given a message to the world that this era is not of war but of diplomacy, that is, every issue can be resolved through dialogue. Modi also emphasized the same point in his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the conference. In the conversation with Putin, while Modi took full care of India’s interests, while advising Russia to move forward on the path of peace, hinted that now it should end the war with Ukraine. In this lies the good of the whole world.

PM Modi talks on all the problems 

Putin invites PM Modi to visit Russia 

During the conversation, Putin invited PM Modi to visit Russia and Prime Minister Modi expressed the hope of further strengthening of Russia-India relations in the future. However, Modi acknowledged that India-Russia relations have become stronger than ever and the world is well aware of our friendship. Our friendship is getting stronger continuously for 22 years. But the truth also has to be accepted that today’s era is not of war, so we should resolve the issues through dialogue.

PM’s message to the world through bilateral meeting

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