Keeping these fruits in the fridge destroys all the nutrients, never keep them in the fridge

  • Mango- It is very tasty to eat cold-cold mangoes in summer, but do you know that mangoes kept in the fridge for a long time can harm you. Keeping mango in the fridge reduces the antioxidants present in it and the nutrients are also destroyed. That’s why never keep mangoes in the fridge. 
  • melon-melon- Watermelon in summer is the season of melon. These are so big fruits that it becomes difficult to eat them in one go. In such a situation, people keep cut watermelon and melon in the fridge, which is wrong. You should not cut watermelon-melon and keep it in the fridge. This destroys the antioxidants. You can keep them half an hour before eating. 
  • apples- In most homes, apples are kept in the fridge. Due to this, apples do not spoil quickly but their nutrients are reduced. So do not keep apples in the fridge. Keep apples wrapped in paper to avoid spoilage for a long time. 
  • Litchi- Keeping litchi in the fridge spoils quickly. Due to this, litchi starts melting from inside. Cold and juicy litchis may taste delicious in summers, but you should avoid storing them in the fridge. The upper part of the litchi remains the same when kept in the refrigerator, but the pulp inside gets spoiled.
  • Banana- You should never keep a banana in the fridge. Keeping bananas in the fridge, it gets spoiled and starts turning black. Ethylene gas is released from the banana stalk, which makes other fruits kept in the fridge ripen quickly.

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