Khatauli by-election: Tyagi community opposed BJP, said- will boycott and will not allow to enter here

Khatauli By-Election: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) are currently contesting the by-election for the Khatauli Assembly seat in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. (RLD) both are face to face. Meanwhile, a voice has now started emerging from the Tyagi community against the BJP. Regarding this, a big meeting of Tyagi Samaj was organized in Navla village of Khatauli assembly constituency on Saturday. In this, the people of Tyagi community from the nearby villages participated enthusiastically.

It was decided in this Panchayat that Tyagi Samaj will boycott BJP in Khatauli by-election and will not allow them to enter here. Let us tell you that this anger towards BJP is being seen in the Tyagi community here regarding the Shrikant Tyagi episode that happened some time ago. Giving more information about this, Mangeram Tyagi from Tyagi Samaj told that Navla village in Muzaffarnagar, where the by-election of Khatauli assembly is going on, this village is the capital of Tyagis of Muzaffarnagar. We have come here to tell more people that our protest has been going on for 2 months regarding the case of Shrikant Tyagi, Anu Tyagi and those 6 children, we have been neglected by this government.

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He said that we have been made fun of, five cases have been filed against us and the cabinet minister Sanjeev Balyan has not done the work of speaking a single word. Today we have come to explain to these sacrifices that whom should be boycotted. It is not in listening to us. They have given us five cases each. All the leaders here, none of Muzaffarnagar and Meerut have said anything about our society. Our vote is going only to them. Neither one of our MLAs, none became District President, nor any of our boys could contest the municipal elections.

Mahesh Sharma was also surrounded
Mangeram Tyagi said that All they need is our votes. This time we will work to boycott them. All of them have their own conscience, even if they press NOTA, they will not vote for BJP. Sanjeev Balyan speaks by putting his hand on Mahesh Sharma’s shoulder and talks big, calls someone a Bahubali, tells someone something else, sometimes peeps into his neck to see what is the condition of his family. Sachin is a pride, because of this his government has been formed. His mother is shouting, his father is shouting, due to whom his government was formed, he is getting votes, even if someone’s neck is cut, he is taking votes in the name of religion, we will not let this happen at all.

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