Kids Care: These three mistakes of washing hands in children can harm health, let’s know how

Kids Hand Washing Mistakes: You must have noticed many times that no matter how much you take care of hygiene, whether it is a matter of cooking, feeding or cleaning, still your children are repeatedly become ill. Due to which you not only have to suffer, but also how much harm it causes to the health of the child. Let us tell you that you have a small mistake, due to which your child falls ill again and again. That is, not handwashing it properly. Yes, this is where you miss. In fact, due to the child not washing his hands properly (Kids Handwash Mistake), diseases surround him quickly. So let’s know which three mistakes he repeats at the time of every handwash.

do not use soap
Children are very fickle of the mind. When they are asked to wash their hands, they come in haste by washing their hands with water and not using soap. In such a situation, after washing the hands with water, they look clean, but the germs of the hands do not go away from them. Therefore, teach children to use soap or handwash.

Not rubbing for 30 seconds
Children are often in a hurry. He tries to do everything quickly. Among them is hand washing. During which even when he uses soap in his hand, he does not rub it well for 30 seconds, due to which the germs remain in the hands. So parents should pay attention to this too.

Leaving hands wet
Sometimes children wash their hands but after that they forget to wipe it with a towel and dry it, due to which the chances of bacterial growth in the wet hands increase. go. Therefore, teach children to wipe their hands with a clean towel after washing them.

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