Kids: If you want to take the kids on a Sunday vacation, then this place in Delhi is perfect.

Places to Visit for Kids: Be it children or elders, everyone gets bored staying at home on Sundays, in such a situation, everyone wants to go out somewhere. But many parents feel that by taking their children out, money will be wasted as well as their education will also suffer. In such a situation, if you want your children to learn some knowledge things along with traveling, then you can bring them to some places in the national capital Delhi. These places are a storehouse of knowledge in themselves and children will definitely get to learn something or the other by visiting here. So let us tell you about these places-

National Bal Bhavan

Nehru Planetarium, Delhi

If your children are interested in the universe and the world of moon-stars, then definitely bring them to the Nehru Planetarium. It was the home of the country’s former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, which has now been turned into a huge museum based on astronomy and aeronautical science. Here daily a 35-minute sky show is shown in 3D.

West to Wonder Park, Delhi

National Museum, Delhi 

National Museum for children can also be a good place to visit. This place is perfect for giving information about history to your kids. From the ruins of the Harappan civilization to the development of man, you can see everything in this place. 

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