Kitchen Cleaning: Insects have disturbed the kitchen sink, so try these methods, you will get relief

Kitchen Cleaning Tips: The kitchen sink is directly connected to the drain. This is the reason that various types of dirt accumulate in the sink pipe. Because of this, insects come. Sometimes cockroaches also start coming out of the sink. In such a situation, it becomes very important to take out these insects. But many times, even after taking many measures, the problem of insects does not end. Today we are going to tell you the solution of this problem. There are also some methods by which you can get rid of sink bugs. Let’s know.
Getting Cockroaches Out of Baking Soda 
To get rid of cockroaches coming out of the kitchen sink, first of all take baking soda and put chopped onions in it. After this mix both of them well and now spray the solution on the cockroaches and insects’ bases. You will never see cockroaches anywhere.
Neem leaves will work
Worms out of coffee 
If mosquitoes or cockroaches come out of the kitchen sink. You put fresh coffee near the sink. The aroma of coffee is very effective in driving away insects. You can use it to get rid of insects anywhere in the house.
Apple Cider Vinegar 
Apple vinegar or apple cider vinegar is used for cleaning  Insects can also be eliminated from this  Is. Fill a bottle with apple cider vinegar and cover it with plastic wrap or foil. After this, make a small hole in this plastic and then such insects which can fly, they will start coming towards it with the smell of this vinegar and will start falling in the glass. You can also put it inside the sink. This will eliminate the problem of insects.
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