Kitchen Hacks: From Kheer to Dal-Rice, everything will be absolutely delicious, follow these tips

Easy Cooking Tips: Most of the time of women is spent in cooking food in the kitchen, but working women face a double challenge. They also have to do household chores and also have to take time out for office. In such a situation, working women do not like to stay in the kitchen for a long time. They think that how to cook healthy and tasty food in less time. How to get the kitchen work done quickly. Today we are giving you such tips that will make your kitchen work easier and you will be able to cook food quickly.

1- Make Kheer like this- When guests come to the house, it is definitely sweet, in such a way you can make Kheer. Although it takes a lot of time to make kheer, milk has to be thickened for kheer. Due to which sometimes the utensils also become very bad. In such a situation, today we are telling you 2 ways, which will save your time and kheer will also be good. The first solution is to add milk powder or milk med to milk to make kheer, this will prevent the milk from thickening and will make kheer instantly. At the same time, before making the second kheer, put some water in the vessel. With this your milk will not stick to the bottom of the pot. You can also do this remedy while heating milk.

2- Make rice blooming like this- Whenever someone is about to come home, we want the rice to be in bloom like a market. But many times while making rice   they start sticking. Or they are made like laddus in rice. In such a situation, if you are cooking rice in an open vessel, then before boiling the rice in it, apply some oil or ghee. If you are making rice in cooker, then add some ghee while cooking it, it will increase the taste of rice and rice will not stick together.

3- Make delicious lentils like this- Many times people’s pulses are mostly not tasty. In such a situation, take care of some things while making lentils. First of all, make it tasty by adding tempering to the dal. To enhance the taste of the second dal, you should roast it lightly first. This will greatly enhance the taste of the dal. Apart from this, while making lentils, first cook it by opening it in the cooker for a while, then close the lid. This will make your lentils even tastier and the kitchen will be less dirty due to the water coming out in the cooker whistle.

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