Kitchen Hacks: Gujarati Kathiawadi Peda Recipe

Thabdi Peda Sweet: You must have eaten a lot of Peda. You will find different types of pedas in most of the sweet shops. Lord Krishna loved Pedas very much. This is the reason that the story of Mathura Peda is something else. Mathura Peda is famous all over the world, but today we are telling you the recipe of Famous Peda of Gujarat. The very famous sweet of Gujarat is Thabri Peda Sweet, also known as Kathiawadi Peda. This peda is very grainy, soft and dissolves in the mouth. You can also offer it to Kanha on Janmashtami 2022. Know how to make Kathiawadi Peda.

Thabdi Peda Recipe

1- To make Kathiawadi Peda, you have to take a heavy bottom pan. In this, first pour some water in the bottom, so the milk will not stick.
2- Now pour 1 liter of milk in the pan. If you want, you can also use full cream milk.
3- Now let the milk come to a boil on medium high flame while stirring. 
4- Now take 1 cup of sugar, about 200 to 250 grams, out of which half of the sugar is put in the milk when it boils and save half.
5- Now take half a teaspoon of ground alum. Now reduce the gas completely and put alum in the milk. 
6- Keep stirring the milk continuously, you will see that the milk is slowly starting to disintegrate. 
7- Now high flame But dry the water of chhena till its quantity is reduced to half. When the quantity of chhena is reduced to half, then reduce the gas
8- Now put a pan on the second gas and spread the sugar in it and spread it in the pan. You do not have to stir or stir it.
9- We have to caramelize the sugar. Keep the flame of the gas very slow and cook till the sugar is removed.
10- Now the paneer which is being prepared in the pan, slowly mix the whole sugar syrup in it. 
11- Now cook on medium high flame while stirring till the water dries up. Add half a teaspoon of cardamom powder to it.
12- When this batter starts leaving the pan, then turn off the gas. You do not have to cook it too much.
13- Now take out this mix in a plate. Make a peda by applying some ghee on your hand till it cools down.
14- The soft Kathiawadi peda is ready. Serve it garnished with pistachios. 

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