Kitchen Hacks: Make paan thandai at home, in front of it the cooling of AC-cooler will also fail

Pan Thandai Recipe: In North India, people drink Thandai to avoid the scorching heat and heat waves. Thandai is a very famous syrup in summer. This gives many benefits to the body. Drinking thandai in summer reduces the risk of stomach irritation, heat and heatstroke. Such things are added to Thandai which help in keeping the body healthy. Drinking thandai in summer strengthens immunity. Those who abstain from milk can also drink it after making thandai. This changes the taste of milk and increases its nutritional value.

Today we are telling you how to make betel-based thandai, if you drink bean-wali thandai in summer, you will get wet. There will be a feeling of coolness in the body. Fennel, pistachio, green cardamom and betel leaves falling in it make it cool in effect. Know the recipe of making Paan Wali Thandai at home. 

Ingredients for Paan Thandai

  • Panel leaves – 2 
  • Pistachios – half bowl 
  • Green cardamom – 4-5 
  • Saunf – 2 tbsp < /li>
  • Milk – 2 cups 
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp 

Paan Thandai Recipe

  • It is quite easy to make thandai from paan. For this you first put betel leaves in the jar.
  • Now add fennel, pistachio, cardamom, sugar and half cup milk.
  • Grind all these things finely in a grinder first. 
  • Now add the remaining milk also and once again grind all the things while running the blender.
  • If you do not like fennel peels in thandai, then you can also filter and drink thandai.
  • By the way, after filtering thandai, the taste of nuts and other things fall in it, which some people like very much. 
  • Delicious paan thandai is ready for summer. 
  • You put it in a glass glass and serve it with some ice.

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