Know the answers to the questions asked in UPSC interview

UPSC Interview Questions: Many candidates prepare for UPSC exam for years. Despite this, it is not easy to clear all the three stages of the exam in the very first attempt. If you want to give an IAS level interview then your preparation should also be of the same level (IAS Interview). Keep this in your mind at all times that the experts sitting in the interview panel can ask any type of questions to test your reasoning ability.

It is often seen in UPSC interviews where the interviewer’s question is easy but the candidates make mistakes in answering. Here are some similar questions that can be asked in UPSC interview. From which you can get an idea of ​​what kind of questions can be asked in the interview. 

Question: Why does hair turn white in old age. 
Answer: In old age, the production of melanin starts decreasing with aging. Due to the melanin element, our hair becomes black, due to its reduction, the hair starts turning white.

Question: How do banks earn money.  
Answer: Banks collect money by levying various charges like SMS charge, check book charge, DD processing fee, minimum balance no. Earn money on keeping, check bounce charges, debit, credit card charges, other ATM withdrawal charges, even when you give loans.

Question: Which person doesn’t have a ticket anywhere?
Answer: Newborn baby.

Question: Which animal cries like humans when injured? 
Answer: Bear.

Question: What is the thing to be broken before eating? 
Answer: Egg.

Question: What is Password called in Hindi?
Answer: Password.

Question: Which side of the lung is smaller?
Answer: The left side, so that the heart can get space.

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