Know- What did DSW manager Ritu Ranaut say about Chandigarh University MMS scandal?

Chandigarh University MMS Case: The issue of alleged objectionable video of girl students going viral in Chandigarh University, Mohali, Punjab has not calmed down yet. Meanwhile, information about the FIR of DSW Manager Ritu Ranaut in the Chandigarh University case has come to the fore. According to this FIR, he told that on September 17, at 3 pm, the warden told that a girl from the hostel made a video of 5-6 girls taking a bath in the washroom. When I asked everyone to come to my office, the warden came with the girls. During this, when I asked the girl who made MMS, she started refusing. 

When I checked his phone, photos and videos were deleted from him. During this, many messages and phone calls were continuously coming on the girl’s phone. I got suspicious and after getting the speaker on the number from which the girl making MMS was getting the call, we asked the girl to talk. Along with this, if obscene video is found, then also asked to get its screen shot. Then when we asked the girl more strictly when the screen shot came, she admitted that the porn videos were sent on the phone of her friend Sunny in Shimla. The college felt that the matter should be given to the police investigation, so the police was informed.

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