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The episode starts with Ranbir venting out his anger on a punching bag recalling inspector’s words that the culprit who wants to kill Prachi is from his family. Prachi enters and asks him to stop his madness. Ranbir says he doesn’t want to talk to her and asks her go from there. Prachi asks why don’t he speak to her properly. He asks if she replies properly and asks why did she come here. She asks him to stop following the culprit. Ranbir says he wants to find the culprit and punish him so that he cannot attack her again, he is getting mad when he can’t find him, he is worried for her life. He expresses how much he love her and says he wants to love her normally with gifts and chocs, protecting her, be her typical Hindi film hero, but she changed him completely.

He further says he is tired now, but helplessly loves her; he tries to convince him each day that he will not love her today, but his heart doesn’t agree; his heart will love her until it beats. He continues pouring his heart out. She silently listens to him and cries. He asks her not to cry and let him live his life. She says he is burning in his own junoon/passion. He says he will burn the culprit in his junoon and its his promise to her. She emotionally hugs him tightly and cries. Ankh Uthi Mohabbat Me.. song plays in the background.

Rhea returns to her room with Aliya and says Nick snatched the money bag, what will they do now. Aliya says it’s good Shahana didn’t notice them. Rhea says its good that she gave money to Nick or else he would have informed Ranbir that we tried to murder Prachi. Shahana passes by and hears their conversation. She drops water mug in shock and tells Rhea that she heard her conversation, she will inform Ranbir about it, she saw her giving money bag to the culprit, she will show CCTV footage and expose her that she is the one who wants to kill Prachi. She runs. They both follow her to catch and drug her.

Prachi gets conscious and nervously says he shouldn’t think wrong for hugging him. He also nervously says he doesn’t. She asks him not to misunderstand her. He says she should remember that he will punish a culprit who tried to kill her. She says harming someone is wrong. He says he had only 3 dreams in life, marrying her, opening a startup, and becoming Bauji/father; says first dream broke, so third dream cannot be fulfilled; he dreamt of becoming a father and repeatedly dreamt of her giving him a note informing him that he is going to be a father. He says he searched that letter after waking, he is really mad. She wipes his tears. He asks her not to awake her hope.

Shahana rushes to Ranbir is is about to reveal truth when Ranbir hears Dida shouting to catch someone. Family gathers and notices Dida catching Nick and informing family that he is running away with a bag. Nick points a knife at Prachi and threatens everyone back off. Ranbir asks him to spare Prachi in exchange of bag. He picks bag when money falls from it. Vikram asks how did so much cash come inside the house. Shahana says Aliya and Rhea brought that cash. Aliya tries to sniff chloroform to Nick. Nick tries to attack her. She succeeds in sniffing him chloroform and making him unconscious. She then shouts that she killed him. Vikram checks Nick and says he is alive. Ranbir removes his fake beard and says he is the one who wanted to kill Prachi.

Aliya signals Rhea who sniffs chloroform to Shahana and makes her unconscious and then shouts Shahana fell unconscious. Aliya says he got heat stroke. Vikram asks Ranbir to take Shahana to her room. Ranbir makes Shahana lie on her bed and asks Prachi to take care of Shahana as she is pregnant. Dida recalls Rhea revealing that Sahana is pregnant. Rhea panics thinking Nick will burst into anger when he wakes up and will reveal their truth. Aliya says she was afraid that Nick would be caught, so she made him unconscious and when he wakes up, she will explain him everything and make sure he is out of here. She further asks her not to worry about Sahana as she is not a bigger problem. Pallavi overhears them and asks what is the problem with Sahana.

Precap: Precap will be updated later.

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