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The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Rhea to drink juice with his love and from his hand. Prachi gets upset and goes. Rhea drinks it. Ranbir asks her to drink more. She drinks. He says good job. Shahana asks Prachi what is she thinking? Prachi asks if there is anything good happened to me, and tells that many things happen around us, which seems to be real, but it is our illusion. She says even I feel that Ranbir cares for me, but it is my illusion. She says Ranbir saved my mangalsutra risking his life and saved me too, but it seems good, but not true. She says I just wanted him to wish me anniversary, didn’t want a gift from him, but he planned surprise for Rhea. Shahana says I saw something and recalls Ranbir signing Stanley. She says he is planning something. She says may be he…Prachi asks her to complete her words. Shahana says may be Ranbir wants to do something with Rhea in your favor, he wants to become good in Rhea’s sight and bad in your sight. Rhea tells Ranbir that something is happening to her. He says you will be fine and says I will take you to room. Rhea says I know you are thinking to take my advantage, as I am out of control. He says no, and says nothing will happen as you thought. She says I want this to happen, and says I…you will take me to room and then, I will rest. He says lets go to room. Rhea says I will be right back and then room. Ranbir thinks then divorce. Stanley comes to him. Ranbir hugs him and says I love him. Stanley asks him not to say anything, and hide his happiness. Dida looks at them and misunderstand that Ranbir and the waiter has friendship/Dostana. Rhea comes to Ranbir and says you was going to take me to room. Dida tells Pallavi that Ranbir got close to someone, and asks her to see. She signs Pallavi to look at Stanley, who is in waiter’s uniform. Pallavi says he is a waiter and was close to Ranbir. She says if he was making excuse that security guy sent him. She gets worried. Dida tells Pallavi that this all happened due to you, and says he was married to Prachi, then got remarried, and that’s why he lost interest in girls and got interested in him.

Prachi says Ranbir told himself that he bought house for Rhea and told about his future plans. Shahana asks her to be quiet and see why she is saying this? Prachi says feelings are betrayed, we trust the opposite person and set our world, but hearts broke and the truth comes out. She says she don’t want to feel anything. Shahana and Prachi hear Rhea laughing. Prachi says this is her voice, she is very happy. Prachi asks her to come from there, and says she don’t want her to be jealous. Prachi comes there and sees Ranbir taking Rhea to room. Ranbir asks Rhea to sit. Prachi says I want to see what is happening inside. She finds the window closed, and tells Shahana what she said that he is planning something for me.

Ranbir asks Rhea not to sleep and sign some papers for him. Rhea says papers. Ranbir says this is our happiness papers for long run, which you will understand later. Rhea says if I don’t understand. Ranbir says I will make you understand. Rhea says I have signed. Ranbir says I will get the pen. He searches for the papers. Rhea opens the window and sees Prachi. She thinks I see her always, says I get angry seeing you, what you are doing. She says now my private time with Ranbir is going on and asks her to go. She drops the divorce papers and then asks Prachi to lift it, says it is my property papers. Prachi bends down to take it. Rhea says I have dropped the papers. Ranbir comes out to take the papers. Prachi and Shahana hide from him. Ranbir takes the papers. Rhea says Prachi bent down and you got up. She says there are two Ranbirs. Ranbir says he is just one. Ranbir asks Rhea to sign on the papers as Rhea kohli. Rhea says we will be happy, if I sign. Rhea says my happiness lies with you, you are my life, I have done so much to get you, you are my trophy. She asks him to kiss her. Prachi tries to hear them. Rhea says I will sign if you kiss. Ranbir asks really? She asks him to hold her face and kiss her. Ranbir thinks this is the price to stay with Prachi, now I have to make her happy. He says I can’t do this. Rhea says aloud, you kissed me. Ranbir says yes, I kissed you. Prachi comes inside and tells Ranbir that I would have gone quietly from here. She says you can’t show my face to me, all my life. She asks him to continue kissing and says nobody will be there to stop you. Ranbir gets shocked. Prachi and Shahana go from there. Rhea asks where to sign? Ranbir asks her to sign there. Rhea signs on the papers and gives it to Ranbir. Ranbir looks on.

Prachi takes her bag and leave, says she can’t stay here anymore. Stanley sees Prachi and Shahana leaving, and calls Ranbir. He then thinks to follow them and tell Ranbir. Ranbir gets happy holding the divorce papers and dances to express his happiness. He thinks now everything will be fine, Prachi. He says all the problems will be resolved, I have divorced Rhea and she has gone away from my life. He says just Prachi will stay in my life now. He says I will show you, what you and our child means to me. He says where are you? He comes to the party looking for Prachi. Vikram asks if you was searching me? Ranbir says you are here. Vikram says I know whom you are searching. Pallavi says me. Ranbir says yes. Vikram asks him why is he lying? Ranbir says I am searching Prachi. Vikram says she went upstairs. Ranbir goes. Pallavi says he has bought the ring to propose Rhea, then why is he searching Prachi. Vikram says you are having a misunderstanding. Pallavi says you are having a misunderstanding and asks him to realize this sooner. Stanley follows Prachi and Shahana going to a house. He asks the taxi driver about the place. Ranbir comes to the room and finds her missing. He gets worried.

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