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Shristhi says she never gets drunk then how did it happen this time, Janki however turns to Shristhi warning that she must raise her hands as she is the real inspector but Bi jee asks her to not claim she is the real inspector otherwise she will slap her, Janki blames that she is the real inspector while Bi jee is just acting however hearing this she starts crying, Bi jee explains she is always like this, they both start to quarrel when Shristhi asks them both to remain quiet because she is tensed after witnessing Ganesh like that, she questions where are their certificates. Bi jee leaves assuring she is going to bring her degree, Shristhi is left stunned and even Janki leaves explaining she has the degree, Shristhi wonders what is going on in this house as she is not able to able anything, she wonders where have they both gone so she runs after them both.

Preeta questions if he likes Natasha, Karan replies he doesnot so she questions then why dd he apply the colors on her face, Karan explains so that she could get jealous however Preeta refuses she got jealous when he explains he saw how her face got read with anger and it felt as if she had placed to tomato’s on her face, Preeta after that asks him to reply in Spanish and then he still says he did it to make her feel jealous, she feeling sad asks why did he apply the colors to Natasha, she hits him with a pillow after which they both start fighting with it, they are enjoying and Preeta manages to push him from the bed, he returns with another but as he is about to fall she helps him, they both start smiling and continue fighting with each other. She also loses her balances catching the fiber from the pillow. Preeta starts dancing seeing which Karan also joins her, she manages to trick him a lot running away just as he is about to catch her, she goes to the mirror wearing the glasses. They both continue dancing.

Natasha wonders where did Karan go as she thought of spending her night with him, but it all got ruined because of those both men as they kept fighting and she was not able to do anything, she thinks she must find Karan before sunset because if his Bhang wears out then her plan would be ruined, she cannot leave this house.

Preeta and Karan under the influence of the Bhang as acting as if there is a rope, which they both are pulling at and she falls on the bed, Preeta gets really frustrated picking up the bat, Karan slowly goes to the closet from which he picks a ball, she manages to hit it and then she hits it once again however the ball hits him on the head, she getting tensed starts calling the doctor asking him to come immediately, Natasha wonders what is Karan doing in Preeta’s room, she starts banging on the door calling his name. Preeta opens the door questioning what does she want to which Natasha is shocked, Preeta asks she came following her husband, Karan also repeats her dialogue, Preeta warns her to stay in her limit otherwise she will make a tamasha out of her, Natasha warns Preeta to talk nicely with her, however Preeta once again threatens to slap her before shutting the door, Karan after opening the door once again threatens to slap her.

Sherlin is walking in the hall wondering where did Karan go as if he is not found her entire plan would be ruined, she bumps into Bi jee who questions if she saw a criminal wondering here since she is an inspector, Janki also comes explaining that she is the same criminal who is being followed in twelve countries, Shristhi comes apologizing because they both have been drunk, when Sherlin starts misbehaving with them both which angers Sherlin who questions if she doesnot know how to talk with elders, Shristhi threatens to force her to drink the cough syrup before making her dance in the house, she tries to leave but is forced when Bi jee pulls her from the hairs, she leaves calling them mental.

Sherlin leaves calling them mental, she sees Natasha peeking into a room and then questions what is she doing, Natasha explains that Preeta doesnot know how to talk with her and even her sister scolded her, Sherlin questions what does she mean when Natasha finally explains that Preeta is in the room with karan hearing this they both are desperate to convince them both to open the door otherwise their entire plan would be ruined.

Sherlin and Natasha start banging on the door, Karan asks if this is the repeat telecast when they both argue over who would go to open the door, they finally decide to open it together, karan is about to hit them with a bat which scares them, Natasha and Sherlin try their best to pull Karan, Preeta is also trying her best so she asks Karan to tickle them both. They close the door which causes frustration to both Sherlin and Natasha.

Prithvi sitting in the lockup thinks tomorrow he will be returning to the Luthra mansion, where that Sherlin who blamed him for not being able to do anything will stand at the front door to welcome him while both Preeta and Karan will be watching, the constable comes waking Prithvi, he in anger explains that he is a dream breaker. The constable passes him the food, Prithvi after smelling it explains he cannot eat the food since it is of real poor quality, he explains that doesnot even feed his servants such food so passes it.

Karan is with Preeta when he explains that he wants to say something to her, he reveals if he has said something to her which she did not like and even if she felt bad then he is not sorry since she would have surely made a mistake, Preeta starts scolding him saying that she is used to him for not apologizing for his mistakes, karan replies she is scolding him when they both he is not the only one who made the mistake, she starts laughing at him when he asks if he has told her that she looks really cute in anger, Preeta slowly starts smiling.

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