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Sherlin informs Natasha there is a hammer in the store room which can break the door, Natasha also brings out a rock but they both bump into eachother when Sherlin reveals this is an art piece, they are about to walm away when Pardeep explains that he is the only one who can break the room because there is no lock that he cannot open, Natasha questions why are they both walking in this house when Sherlin replies because they are drunk and so are roaming like this, Nagre asks they did not hear him properly because he revealed he can break any lock, he asks Pardeep to show these foolish people his magic when Pardeep takes out a safety pin, Natasha then locks the store room which Pardeep opens however Sherlin explain the door she is talking about is locked from inside, Pardeep assures he can go anywhere, but it will not be free of charge he signals them five when Sherlin agrees to hand him five lac however Pardeep says he just needs five hundred, they both leave but Sherlin once again asks Nagre to come with her.

Karan in the room with Preeta says that she looks really cute when she is angry, Preeta replies he might have said it but she doesnot remember because a lot of people compliment her on her beautiful looks, or the character so how would she remember when he complimented her but karan replies even a lot of people compliment him, Preeta smiling asks why is she feeling that those people are just her, he asks if she is saying he is cute Luthra but he is not remembering when she asks him to put pressure on his mind, he asks what was she wearing when she complimented him, she reveals she was wearing payal but he asks for the clothes when she questions why would she give him such a big clue as then he would know it but they both are sitting.

Natasha brings Pardeep asking him to open it but he in excitement reveals that there is no lock on the door, Sherlin says this is what she was trying to say but he agreed that he can open any lock, when Sherlin exclaims that Nagre claims to be a good lawyer but is roaming with this low life person, they both argue who did she call with such a name and then take the hammer and the rock planning to break the door but Natasha says they both are just making a fool out of them, Nagre and Pardeep run after them both because of what they said of them.

Preeta and karan in the room say they have left the door when Karan asks if she is a copycat, they both blame each other for saying what either of them is talking, he comes to sit with her mentioning he really likes the Holi with water, Preeta says the girls of other country will also know it, he asks if she knows it but Preeta replies how would she know it since she belongs to the same country. Karan questions if he says something because then she might jealous, Preeta replies the boys have found another way as they first flirt with other girls but when their wives complain then they blame them for being jealous as girls are really cute but the husbands are flirtious, she threatens him saying if he does it ever again then she will break his legs, he says she has become a gangster when Preeta replies this is just a normal thing for her now because he has no idea what she can do to him, he starts crying requesting Preeta to not break his legs as the BCL is coming and he needs to make runs, she agrees to not break his legs but then says she will break his hands, karan questions why does she have to break it. Preeta replies if he flits with Natasha then she will break his face, he asks what if he doesnot flirt. Preeta replies now he understood because then she will not do anything wrong, he agrees to not flirt.

Preeta sitting thinks how he applied the color to Natasha, Karan replies he only wanted to play with her, she exclaims he did not play Holi with her, when karan coming close to her asks her to hear him as there is no point in eating the almond as she also had to eat the walnut because she forgets, he played Holi with her with the Pichari. She in frustration replies she remembers but what if she doesnot like the water holi, and only prefers the colors holi so doesnot want to stay with him when he questions where is she going, she replies she is going to play the colors Holi with anyone.

Preeta unlocks the door but karan holds her from behind, she turns when he is standing infront of her, he holds her face applying the colors, he picks her hand as they get really close to each other. She is not able to resist him, they both start romancing and even sit out on the balcony. Before finally coming on the bed. Where Preeta lands on karan.

Sherlin and Natasha are running from Nagre and Pardeep, they stand still but both Nagre and Pardeep are not able to understand where did they both go, Pardeep blames Nagre for kidnapping them but then says that Bhagwan picked them both because they misbehaved his friend and so got punished, Nagre exclaims they both are really respectful people. Sherlin exclaims they both would create a problem for them, she called someone to take Nagre away but doesnot know why did he not come.

Bi jee and Janki come while singing when Nagre and Pardeep also sing the song which angers her so she asks Nagre to touch her feet since she is elder, Janki and Bi jee leave.

Sherlin sees that the driver arrived, he is shocked to see the condition of Nagre so asks her to take him from here, Pardeep insists on driving since he is a pilot when both of them rush to find Karan.

Shristhi wakes up in the room, she is shocked as she was here to guard Bi jee and Janki aunti but they ran away from the room, she is about to leave when Sameer enters the room pulling her close, she gets nervous so asks if he is also under the influence when Sameer explains he doesnot fear anyone today since he is BahuBali, she tries to get away but he brings her and then starts saying I like you, Shristhi gets really tensed.

Precap: Sherlin and Natasha get shocked seeing Karan and Preeta sleeping together. In jail, Prithvi tells Nagre, I trusted you and instead getting me out of the jail, you came in the jail yourself. How will you pay me back for my loss?

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