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Karan standing in front of the mirror says it was his right, Preeta comes out of the bathroom and questions what is he saying, he turns exclaiming he was talking about the right, she questions what sort of right is he asking about when karan questions if she doesnot know it, Preeta asks what was he talking about when Karan exclaims slowly he was talking about last night, he however is not able to express himself so picks the towel mentioning they are going to call it as Haq, he rushes into the bathroom. Preeta starts making the bed, she picks his shirt wondering what is she doing as what happened yesterday, she thinks he is her official husband and so also starts calling for the rights when she finds the bat behind the pillow and so starts recalling all that happened yesterday after which she feels really shy, and exclaims this was her right so goes to put the bat in its right place.

Sherlin wakes up in the room when she sees Natasha sleeping on the sofa so calls to wake her up but she doesnot respond so she throws a pillow when Natasha exclaims that her life is ruined, Sherlin says if her life is ruined in the morning then by evening everything will be lost, Natasha questions what should he say because she did not got what she desired and now she will not get what she wants so that Sherlin must stop trying to end their relation as both of them are like magnets, Sherlin assures they would have to wait for the right time as every relation has a weakness and they must wait for the right moment, Sherlin mentions Mahesh Luthra also desired to reveal her truth but then he got in the accident and lost his memory, Natasha asks if she was behind the accident when Sherlin no matter how it happened but she is still in the Luthra Mansion and his son is no where to be seen, she vows to break their relation. She asks Natasha to always make her remember this loss when she makes such a plan again as she has understood they cannot win after making someone high, Natasha agrees saying that she is the one who gave the drink to karan and was about to be locked with him but instead Preeta went in her place, Sherlin mentions she just prays if their closeness doesnot create any problem for them.

Preeta is getting ready when Karan comes out of the bathroom, he sees that the Bindi is not in the center of the forehead so picks it up correcting it, he explains that it was not in the right place, she smiles and they both are about to leave when they bump into each other and he holds her as she is about to fall, she once again is about to go and pick the bangles however he picks them for her, but when she tries to take them he himself helps her wear them all so she starts smiling.

Shristhi in her house is really worried wondering when they both will wake up because they took the entire Luthra house because of the Bhang, she starts shouting asking them to wake up, they both greet each other when Shristhi asks if they remember what they both did last night in the Luthra house, Bi jee and Janki question each other about who made the moustache when Shristhi exclaims they both did it themselves so brings a mirror, Bi jee is really glad to see it and even Janki exclaims that her moustache is better then Janki as she is an artist, Shristhi gets tensed questioning if they realize what happened yesterday as they both were not ready to come back from the Luthra house, and when she brought them they started fighting with the dog of their neighbor so much that even he got scared of them both, but Bi jee and Janki are not ready to accept that any of what Shristhi is saying might be the truth, they blame her for lying as she would have made it when they were asleep.

Bi jee questions Shristhi when would she grow up, Janki leaves with her replying it will never happen hearing this Shristhi gets worried thinking they both have dumped the entire blame on her.

Preeta thanks Karan for helping her from falling, he promises her saying he assured he would always save her, he wishes her Goodbye and turns to leave but bumps in the door, Preeta gets really worried seeing him so helps him it down, she starts pressing the forehead with the warm cloth when he assures he is fine, he asks her to come down when she questions what happened but he explains that will tell her when she comes down, she insists that he reveal it now when he says that he wants to show her the TV.

Sameer wakes up when karan comes asking him to come down, Sameer questions what did they mix in the Thandai as his head is hurting a lot, Sameer drinking water wonders what did he do, Karan explains they would bring the Vermala asking him to marry as she is about to be the mother of his child, Sameer replies it is not like that he only said something, Karan questions what he said, Sameer replies he said it to Shristhi when karan mentions he did it all however Sameer blames him for his negative thoughts but karan replies he drank bhang and might have done it all, Sameer replies that they tend to remember some part of what happened under the influence, Karan recalls agreeing with him, he says they get confidence after drinking and are able to do it all, Sameer questions if he did anything which might cause problem but karan replies he has not done anything so asks Sameer to come downstairs before 11 am, Sameer asks if Prithvi is always going to stay in the jail but karan replies he doesnot talk about Prithvi and the good news is with regards to him, Sameer agrees before lying down.

The inspector advises Prithvi to never do anything like this ever again, Prithvi explains he feels he is a teacher but is just saying he did not steal them, when the inspector says he found it in his stick, Prithvi questions what are they always talking about Karan when he has not even played cricket in one year and even the tournament is coming, but it is not necessary that those who are famous are clean, constable questions if he thinks they all are like him. Prithvi turns in anger, Nagre tries to stop him when Prithvi advises him to not even think of talking with him because he has ruined his entire plan so now he would have to go and check what has changed in his absence in the Luthra house, Nagre is also about to leave his assistant asks him to come as he has yet to sign the bail papers.

Karan is anxiously waiting when Preeta comes mentioning she came, he replies he was waiting for her but then corrects him asking if she thought this is what he would say, Ganesh reveals he brought everyone so they question if it is something to be worried about, Rakhi is also really tensed when he requests them all to sit down as he is just waiting for a call after which they can turn on the TV and get the good news, he receives the call so asks them to turn on the TV. They are shocked to see that the teams are bidding for Karan, Karina exclaims this is the auction. Preeta is also amazed when she in excitement says he is going to play in the tournament. Karan replies she will surely get the money as everyone will get what they deserve. Prithvi walks into the house when he sees they all are enjoying so wonders who would pay such an amount for karan, he orders Ganesh to bring black coffee and water for him but Ganesh signals him to wait, Prithvi thinks that a servant is also going to show him the sign to wait, Kritika goes to hug Prithvi but he asks her to wait, Karan is hired by the Royal tigers for fifteen crores, hearing which everyone starts smiling with excitement and even hugs him but Prithvi is really frustrated.

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