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The girl is running down the stairs, Rakhi exclaims Kavya has also arrived when she says she would bring the phone and asks Rakhi to tell Preeta what she must say to Dada. Rakhi recalls how Karan would get jealous and she thinks that karan also wanted to make sure everyone else got scolded. Preeta explains it was a really important meeting and he would be busy, Rakhi exclaims what is the matter so Preeta leaves to call him.

Karina questions why does Kavya always wants to make other people get scolded, as Rishab is really busy but Rakhi replies they all have their own interest and are busy but Rishab can at least he can have the breakfast with them as a family.

Rishab is waiting while the employee tries to connect the laptop but he is not able to so requests for some more time but Rishab informs he has the same presentation in his mobile, he informs that the bank is giving them funding for this heritage project which is massive, he receives the call from Preeta jee which everyone sees so Rishab is forced to apologize, Preeta explains he ended the call so would be busy but Kavya says he must answer the call since Dadi made his favorite breakfast dish, Kavya snatches the phone so Preeta requests her to not call him but she doesnot listen even when Preeta instructs Kavya to not call him, Rishab once again gets the call from Preeta, he accidentally answers it so Preeta questions why did he not come back since everyone was waiting for him, kavya signals her to scold him, she starts questioning why did he not come to have the breakfast when Rishab starts fumbling as she is connected on the projector, Preeta questions why did he not come to the breakfast table as he said he would have it with everyone, she questions why did he not come back and is not saying anything, Rishab signals the worker to end the connection when Rishab explains that he is accompanied with a lot of colleagues, Preeta says why would he worry about them as he only cares about his business and did not even think of taking them to a long drive.

Preeta says his mother made the dish for him but he was not there to eat it, Preeta explains he would bring the chocolate and sweets, Kavya leaves when Preeta apologizes so Rishab explains that this was because of their Kavya, the employee explains he has disconnected it when Rishab replies his reputation has been ruined and so he takes a leave, Rishab requests Preeta to handle Maa as she is the only one who can do anything about it, he reveals that the Raja is coming and is a little particular about his deal so he must stay here, Rishab returns to the meeting apologizing for the inconvenience and starts explaining the details, they inform that his manager has already presented everything, Rishab doesnot understand so they reveal he transferred the presentation when Rishab was being scolded by his wife, Rishab then orders the manager to get the documents ready, the representatives explain he is a nice person but his family is a little dangerous, Rishab explains he has gotten used to living with such harmful women.

Preeta is walking when Rakhi questions what did Rishab say, she replies that he said he would eat the dish with good news after taking ownership of the Mahal, Rakhi gets angry saying he has gotten out of her hands but Preeta defending him says that he still loves her the most but is really busy so requested her to apologize on his behalf, Kavya signals Preeta when she requests Rakhi to have the breakfast while she also feeds Kavya, Preeta questions why is she always interested in getting her father scolded to which she replies it is because she really likes it.

Rishab is walking with his manager to the auction when the Raja also comes to the auction when they all greet him, Raja jee sits down so the host explains that Raja jee has decided to give the Mahal so a heritga hotel can be build but they must remember that he loves his Mahal a lot, so they need to bid to their best. The bidding begins and after a while Rishab quotes three hundred and sixty crore, everyone is shocked hearing the bid when Rishab stands explaining he knows that the highest bid any other would offer is close to three hundred crores so this is why he has given his highest bid since he knows that Raja jee has go leave for the birthday celebration, he is impressed by the business sense of Rishab and praises him but questions if he knows anything else including the name of his Granddaughter, Rishab explains that her name is Ranjana, she is about to get married to the son of Mr Ahlawat and they both met in collage, he even mentions the favorite color of Raja jee is white.

The other party leaves and discuss how Mr Luthra took this deal, he explains Rishab Luthra would be known in India but in London Mr Arjun is a well-known name, he has bought all the heritage palaces in London and owns a lot properties in the world but the only nation left is India, he has just one goal which is to convert all of the heritage sites to hotels and success follows him everywhere he goes so now he is also going to come to India.
A person is getting ready in his room wit the help of his dresser who helps him wear the coat, just then his phone rings which the helper brings to him, Mr Arjun explains the owner shining group is going to win the bid as he set a bid of three hundred and sixty crores, Mr Arjun says he must then raise the bid to above four hundred crores since he only wants to be the owner of the property, if he is not able to do his work then will be fired, the helper looks at him in shock when Mr Arjun says he must bring the shoes, explaining if the person is not able to do the work then would be fired.

The person once again enters explaining he wants to raise his bid to four hundred and sixty crores, the host is about to end it when Raja jee exclaims that Rishab must be given last chance to offer his bid, he explains that his bid of two hundred and fifty crores, they are shocked mentioning Rishab knows the bid always increases, Rishab standing explains the bid is just for the Mahal and not the benefits, he is going to make sure the Raja has authority of the small Mahal that is present in the presence of the complex which will be of his personal use and also he is going to offer the Raja twenty five percent ownership of the project. Rishab turns when the Raja confirms the deal, everyone is shocked explaining Mr Mayank bid the highest amount but Raja explains this was not the auction of any government land but that of his prized possession and he has been given a deal that is close to his heart, as if Rishab touched his soul, so he has decided to give Rishab the ownership of his Mahal.

Mr Arjun is angry questioning who is this Rishab Luthra so instructs the person to find all the details that he can about him, a girl question him why is he so much involved in business and focus on the engagement because if her sister gets angry then might break his phone or even harm him, he assures that he would let nothing happen to her. Mr Arjun calls Nidhi Ahuja, who turns explaining that she was thinking if she wants to get engaged to him since he is late, Mr Arjun reveals he got late since he was talking with the Queen to invite her to their wedding as this would make her really happy, she in excitement explains he knows how to calm her temper, he replies that he knows how to pamper her when her sister exclaims if they should leave since the Pandit jee is waiting, Arjun asks Nidhi if they should leave for the engagement.

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