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Preeta gives the bag to Maddy who takes a look at the money, she advises him to make sure that no one finds out that the media was already present in his changing room, Sameer hearing this leaves not listening that she is instructing him to make sure because this can spread like fire and who has planned this all, will get alert. Maddy replies she doesnot have to say anything because he will give her the news because of the money which she gave her, she assures of giving him even more money but she has to make sure Karan is released, Maddy replies that he has a lot of experience and will surely give her a big proof that will help karan.
Sameer rushes to the lounge questioning Preeta where is the man, she gets shocked questioning what is he trying to say when he blames asking that she must reveal the truth because he heard her instructing the person as she told him to not tell anyone that the media was already present outside his dressing room.

Karan is standing when the constable comes mentioning that some one has come to meet him, Bi jee and Janki greet him, Karan starts smiling seeing them both. Janki assures him everything would be fine when he replies that he is not worried since his grandmother came to meet him, he questions why is she smiling when she replies why would she not smile when they met after a long time, she explains she would feel more proud when it is proved that he did not do anything wrong. Karan informs that everyone came to meet him but he has felt the best when she arrived with Janki, Bi jee advises him to not talk like this because then Janki might get mad and throw garbage, he gets shocked when Bi jee explains that the general public is really honest and believe anything what they hear from other people. She reveals that just like that when even his fellow cricketers started blaming Karan then their neighbors started blaming Karan which angered her so she threw garbage at them, Karan questions if they are going to believe that Preeta said something wrong against him, Bi jee and Janki immediately refuse saying that nothing like this can ever happen. He asks what if they do not talk with each other, Bi jee gets worried questioning why is he talking like this. Mr Malkhani comes requesting to speak with him, Karan informs that he is his lawyer, Bi jee and Janki both greet him.

Sameer demands that Preeta should reveal the truth about that person, Preeta replies that she is not liable to answer to him or any other person, Sameer says he can say it on her behalf so accuses her of paying someone to trap Karan on the charges of match fixing, Kritika is stunned hearing this, Rakhi questions what is he saying asking why would Preeta do anything of this sort, Karina interferes saying they also need to listen to the truth. She allows Sameer to speak but Rakhi explains that Sameer has lost his mind but he insists that she is the one behind it and saw her, Shristhi questions what is he doing asking why is he blaming her sister, Sameer replies that he saw her with some person in the café to whom she was giving money, he followed the person and managed to find that he takes money for doing bad things, Shristhi tries to clarify the point when Preeta stops her saying they do not want to clarify anything when Dadi questions why is she acting like this because she is also a family member so must reveal the truth, Preeta replies that she knows that Dadi is really angry with her but she will not clarify anything, Karina questions why is she talking to her mother like this when Sarla used to claim that she is really a good person.

Preeta once again says she will not clarify anything since there is no need, Sherlin exclaims if she had the care for any values then would not talk to Dadi like this and she is the one because of whom Karan is trapped, Natasha exclaims this means she is the one because of whom Karan is in jail, Shristhi asks her to stay quiet as she is an outsider, Sherlin replies even she is an outsider but Preeta replies Shristhi is her sister and she is making her feel angry which would not be beneficial for her.

Prithvi questions what would she do if she remains quiet because they all know that Preeta is running after money and she is doing this all for her own sake, prithvi exclaims that she is really bad person but even when he stole her papers it was for their own benefit. Shristhi replies that this is not true because she is going to tell his truth, because of him Rishab jee went to jail and even after the entire family tried, they were not able to do anything but her sister managed to free him, Kritika exclaims that she did this all to prove that she cares for them all and she is a nice person but she is just an actor, Kritika tried to advise her to act but she is just doing this all which is wrong. Shristhi blames Kritika for yelling without knowing the truth, prithvi also starts quarreling.

Sameer shouts at them all to shut up because he cares about the present and the truth is that Preeta has ruined the happiness of this house, Shristhi asks him to talk with care because words cannot be taken back when he replies she is still talking about words but his brother in locked up in jail and she is the one behind it all, Shristhi tries to explain her point but Sameer says that when karan was about to go for the match he said that he desires to earn a lot of money but she was not able to digest it so made sure he got trapped. Shristhi replies she is not going to forgive him for anything when they both start quarreling, Preeta shouts explaining that she doesnot want to give any clarification as the owner never gives clarification. Preeta pulls Shristhi away requesting her to stay quiet since Prithvi was standing there and they need to be quiet.

Prithvi blames Preeta saying he never thought she would be the one behind it all but Rakhi replies that she also said it to karan that Preeta can never do anything of the sort because she really loves karan, there is something which is missing but Kritika asks her to open her own eyes as when Preeta returned to this house after two years, she at once exclaimed she has come just for the sake of money but why is still, she not accepting it. Rakhi leaves in tears when prithvi thinks they all can think what they feel like but he is not going to think and just act, he will try to find the Kundali of that person and the reason Preeta met with him, why was Sameer saying that he is a criminal so he has to find about the plans of Preeta.

Mr Malkhani says that he wants to know some details regarding his past movements. Karan mentions that he wants to know about his details, Karan sees that Bi jee is worried so asks what happened, she replies that she feels they are talking about something important so they are going to leave and come back to meet him, she asks him to not be worried as everything will be fine. Mr Malkhani says he is glad that Karan is still hopeful when karan replies that they have to become when everything is against him, Mr Malkhani says that he is glad Misses Luthra is doing a lot for him. He informs that the judge is also a big fan of cricket so if the case is prolonged then it might be difficult for them as he would make wrong opinions.

Shristhi questions why is Preeta pulling him into the room, Preeta requests her to calm down as she knows the real reason that she is here, Shristhi replies that Preeta is doing a lot for this family but even then, they just blame her at every situation but this is wrong. Preeta questions if she trusts her then Shristhi replies she must not ask her to not say anything wrong. Shristhi explains they have told the entire truth to Sameer but even then, he blamed her for everything wrong. Preeta explains that he is the brother of karan is always going to stand with him just like she stands with her. Shristhi replies even then he should try to think what is wrong and right but Preeta replies it happens as even she gets wrong, Shristhi questions when is she wrong. Preeta requests Shristhi to let it be as her focus is on making sure that karan is released from jail after which she is going to ask him some questions which he will need to answer and clarify, she asks if Shristhi knows when questions arise in a relation. They arise at the time when trust ends from it, Shristhi in shock questions what is Preeta saying, she replies she said what Shristhi heard, Preeta is crying.

Precap: Preeta tells Prithvi, that means you also agree that Karan didn’t do anything wrong. Shrishti tells Dadi, this time what will happen is going to be worse than last time. Preeta meets Karan in the jail and asks, do you think that you are here because of me? He says, I don’t think, but I am sure that you sent me here. Preeta looks on.

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