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Nagre walking towards the car is thinking he was trying to make a big mistake by listening to the words of Pardeep, not realizing the difference in status while Pardeep is just a small thief, he vows to not take a step ahead because everyone including Prithvi has thought of him as a fool, he would become zero from the hero so he is about to start the car, Nagre think he is right and Preeta might not able to recognize him but he knows how she actually ruined his image the first time they met, he questions why is he talking about Preeta. Nagre takes the fake moustache from the bag thinking he would have to take the risk as his house is also really far away from here so he would have to change the clothes while staying in the car.

Preeta is really tensed walking in the hall when she stops seeing Karan, they both come face to face when she signals asking what happened but he doesnot say anything, Karan after a while question if she is upset, informing she is behaving in a strange manner and can inform him because he would help her, Preeta is not able to reply when he says she is really nice, Preeta is shocked when Karan mentions she is looking nice and even looked nice before, Preeta smiling reveals she is not that nice but Karan tries to calm her, she reveals that when things do not happen according to her wishes she feels really irritated not liking it all, Karan asks if this is all that happened asking her to also come and celebrate Holi, she feels sad that he left however he picks the colors from behind her, scaring her so she gets defensive, he picks them in his fists walking close to her while she places both her hands over her face but Karan instead applies it on her forehead, she is not able to understand and looks to him, he thinks she said she would not celebrate Holi so he performed the Shugun by applying the tika, they both stare at each other, she also picks the colors from his hands and also applies the tika, he tries to get romantic but she thinks that now he will just play the Holi by applying the tika as if she is the biggest problem in his life and if this is the case then so be it, she turns revealing she has some important work which she needs to attend to. Karan wonders what happened to him as he applied the tika, he stops her saying that this is not his type of Holi, he starts running behind Preeta following her while she tries her best to hide from him but he is constantly following her holding the Pichkari, she stands in the middle when he throws the Pichkari away picking a lot of colors from the tray, she thinks as if he is going to apply it to her but he instead applies them to his father Mahesh, he even runs from him while both Sameer and Mahesh follow him, the rest of the Luthra family start laughing seeing how they are playing, Karan also fights back while throwing the balloon, Sameer sees Shristhi who is standing in the corner, he is about o leave but she calls him behind applying the color, he says it is wrong since she said she doesnot want to play holi, Shristhi who celebrates Holi after asking as they need to play it abruptly, Sameer also applies it.

Mahesh is running after Karan, they both apply the colors so he leaves wishing Kritika, she even hugs Karan apologizing to him for what happened, she exclaims he is the best brother and they both hug it out, Mahesh comes to dance with them all.

Preeta is smiling looking at them while they are celebrating the Holi, she is smiling looking at them, Rakhi also comes to wish her, they both apply color on each other’s face. Shristhi tries to warn Sameer of severe consequence if he does something wrong but both karan and Sameer team up to apply the colors, Preeta prevents Shristhi who asks if she did not play Holi with karan, Preeta replies it is not the case since she played it with Rakhi maa, Preeta sees Karan approaching but he walks past her to apply the colors to Natasha, seeing this Preeta gets really shocked, while Shristhi and Sameer are frustrated he wonders why did karan play with Holi with her knowing how much Preeta Bhabhi hates her primarily because she always tries to be around him, Preeta walks to the corner thinking he is showing her attitude but she is also going to return the favor, Nagre comes face to face with her but she is not able to recognize him, she asks him to leave and he rushes away.

Sherlin is in the party when she receives a text from the person informing that he has arrived, she goes to take the goods from him when Natasha sees her, she wonders if they are plotting against Preeta and so she must find out about the plan.

Nagre after entering the house calls Pardeep who replies he doesnot understand the layout of this house, Nagre instructs him so he manages to reach the hall, he at once starts taking the blessings of Nagre thinking he is the Pandit, he is shocked after finding out the truth, Nagre and Pardeep enter the house, when Pardeep starts praising him for his disguise however Nagre in anger questions why is he so loud as the disguise is so that no one recognizes him, he even hands the clothes to Pardeep who refuses to wear them, Ganesh sees them both so questions what is he doing here as there is still a lot of work pending in the kitchen, he thinks of Pardeep as a guest asking if he needs anything before leaving with Nagre, Pardeep if he is that handsome that they thought of him as a guest because first Pardeep thought that he was a guest and now this gentleman so if no one knows him then what is the need for the disguise. He walks out of the room after hiding the bag.

Preeta is looking to Karan who seeing her walks towards her, he asks how did she felt when she replies it was not really good, he questions why does she not give a straight reply so she says it would not be straighter than this, he starts walking towards her so she takes her step back to the stall where they are making Thandai, he however takes the glass questioning what did she thought he was planning to do, he leaves with it.

Shristhi comes questioning why did Preeta not ask the question when karan asked if there is something that he needs to ask but she did not, Preeta replies what is wrong since he should have asked her to question him again and again because this is the right way, she would have finally revealed the reason but he left, she vows to not sit back without asking him the reason he did not play Holi with her, she leaves while Shristhi is tensed, she rushes after them wondering if they get in a fight today.
Sherlin is walking in the house, she feels as if someone is following her but as she turns there is no one there, she gets suspicious thinking it would be because she is going to do something wrong, Sherlin hides the pack while she is really tensed.

Precap: Sherlin gives a thandai drink to Natasha saying she will make Karan drink it. Once he drinks it, he will fall unconscious and she will take advantage of it. Karan is pointing a water gun at Preeta. She says, I don’t want to play Holi with you. When I wanted to play Holi, you did not. Karan says, when did I say that I will listen to you? He throws water at her and says, Happy Holi!!! Everyone claps. Natasha looks on. Preeta walks to Karan and says, I warned you not to throw water at me. He pulls her to him and kisses on her cheeks, leaving her stunned.

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