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Sherlin is in the kitchen mixing something in the Thandai when she feels that someone is standing behind her, she is shocked to see Natasha standing outside the kitchen, Sherlin asks if she was the one who was following her, Natasha questions why does she seem so tensed and then Sherlin exclaims that she is not at all worried, Natasha questions what is she planning when Sherlin replies why does she tell anything to her when she doesnot even in form Prithvi, Natasha gets tensed when Sherlin explains that she is going to benefit from her plan the most which Natasha doesnot understand so questions what has she planned, Natasha replies she knows that Sherlin met with someone in the party who gave her something that she bought her and if she kept it a secret then there is something wrong, Sherlin picking the glass exclaims this glass is for her, Natasha is about to take it when Sherlin replies that this glass has something which she will give to Karan, and after that will take advantage of him, she doesnot understand anything so Sherlin in forms that one doesnot understand wat is happening after they drink something wrong so she is going to celebrate her honeymoon with Karan, Natasha replies that they do it after the wedding but Sherlin replies that she will do it before her wedding because of which she will go a lot of step ahead.

Sherlin informs that she is not able to understand who is on the side of Preeta, she is sure Sameer and Shristhi are on her side and Rakhi Luthra will also support her to make sure her husband comes out of the basement, she can do anything for him. Natasha must focus on her target and make Karan drink the Thandai after which she will take him to her room, Sherlin mentions she knows what to do after it as she will bring the Luthra’s to her room and create a drama saying what has he done to her sister, what if the media finds out. Natasha says she is thinking far ahead but she is sure he would not marry her, Sherlin replies that she knows them and the Luthra’s care a lot about their respect, she must just focus on her mission and not anything else.

Karan is coming into the house when Preeta is following him but he is trying his best to divert from her, he keeps on ignoring her which agers Preeta a lot, he then walks upstairs after she finally gets a chance to meet him. Preeta wonders what does karan think of himself, she cannot understand the reason she is so desperate to be with him because if he doesnot want to talk with her then neither does she, Shristhi informs that the person Preeta is talking about is her husband, she in anger leaves asking her to see what she does, Shristhi thinks that if they both meet then would surely get in a fight, Sameer hears her so rushes to stop her otherwise she will come in between Karan and Preeta. Sameer stops her revealing he knows she listened to their conversation, Shristhi apologizes but he says it is nothing to be worried about since those who care about each other tend to do these things, Shristhi explains nothing like this happened, she thought of it some other way as she never knew that their holi would be like this because karan is playing Holi with everyone else except Preeta, the relation that has most colors is colorless, Sameer mentions he will tell something that will make her feel nice as Karan really loves Preeta a lot and even she loves him, Shristhi replies she knows it all but he says that after a while they will see how Karan and Preeta are going to be running after each other playing the Holi, Sameer exclaims that they should bet that Karan and Preeta would play with each other, and if he wins then she will have to go on a long drive with him, she accepts before leaving.

Sameer gets tensed thinking that he should be the one to win the bet and he turns but is shocked to see Shristhi who questions what was he thinking about, he tries to make an excuse. Shristhi replies he comes in her heart but no her mind, he gets shocked asking what did she just say when she leaves after getting nervous, Sameer exclaims he would not be able to reveal his love to her whenever she comes in front of him.

Preeta is angrily walking out of the house, she sees Karan sitting in the corner so stops, he walks over to her pushing her in the corner and even she is not able to move, he lifts her face applying the colors from his own face, before holding her yet she is still really angry but is not able to say any7thing, she pushes him away when he questions what happened asking if she has a problem from him touching her or does she have a problem that he doesnot touch her, she tries to leave but he stops her holding her from behind, explaining he saw her eyes which cannot he from someone else, not even the normal guests. He witnessed her love that desires to be with him but she is not able to reveal it, her words which are not able to come on her tongue, she lied that she did not want to say anything but in fact she did, he even saw how she was complaining that he did not play Holi with her but their celebration should be special. Karan walks in front of her, holding her head he goes near but then takes a step back smiling, he exclaims until she doesnot accept him from her heart he will never cross his limits, he wishes her Happy Holi before walking away. She rushes after him and stops karan, he turns back when she rushes in front of him but is not able to say anything, he asks her to be quiet kissing her on the forehead karan smiles once again leaving, she thinks she must not do it as the heart got out of control and he was able to see the love.

Nagre and Pardeep walk out when he goes to drink the Thandai, Pardeep exclaims that he is going to drink the Thandai when Nagre says he must go to and take the papers when Par deep exclaims that he thinks they should just break the lock, Sherlin stops Nagre questioning where is he going, they both get shocked. Nagre thinks that Natasha is always with Sherlin but who knows if she is a friend or enemy, he thinks of talking with her alone so signals her, however Natasha questions why is he trying to mess with her, Sherlin getting angry who is he to tease her, Natasha even scolds him, Pardeep thinks that he now need his help, he interferes asking Natasha to not think of him like that person, Nagre questions what is he saying when Pardeep reveals that he is trying to save him. Pardeep explains to them that his eyes are not healthy, she might think he is looking at her but in face he was looking at him, they both donot understand. Preeta coming from behind questions what is he doing here since there is a lot of work pending so he must go to the kitchen, Natasha mentions he immediately responded when Preeta called so they are lying, Pardeep exclaims he has a special power and can watch the beautiful girls, Preeta once again comes back asking what is he doing here since the guests are waiting for the snacks but Pardeep takes Nagre away.

Karan is standing with the Pichkari when Sameer comes asking why is he smiling, revealing that he would not have fought with Preeta, karan scolds him asking if he thinks they only fight, Shristhi also comes asking if he did not fight with her, Karan gets really angry asking why do they Shristhi think he only fights with her, Shristhi replies because Preeta was really angry that he did not play Holi with her, karan replies he knows what he has done as he teased her, Shristhi is shocked hearing this.
Natasha is with Sherlin revealing she is glad that Preeta left, she exclaims that she is not scared of anyone but when Preeta is around she gets tensed, she questions where would be Karan. Sherlin in forms that he would be with Preeta.

Precap: Preeta says to Karan, I warned you not to play Holi with me. Why did you throw water at me? He pulls her to him and kisses her on cheeks, leaving her stunned. Other also see that and some are happy, some are shocked. The guy with Nagre tells Nagre, once we get Preeta in our hands, we won’t need the papers. If Preeta is not there, then there won’t be any danger.

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