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Karan enjoys while telling Shrishti that he won’t put color on Preeta. Sameer laughs as Karan calls Shrishti to stay out of matter because she is a child only. Karan vows to put most color on Preeta today.

There, Preeta remembers being with Preeta on Holi. She wonders why she couldn’t answer his questions. Karan challenges Preeta for playing Holi. Though Preeta wasn’t ready, he showers her with colored water. When she was offended, he kisses her face, laughs and dance around. Bani, Karina, Kritika and Sherlin looked curtly. Preeta bathes Karan in a whole bucked of color. Karan revenges with two full buckets over Preeta and another one over her. He holds Preeta from her back. Mahesh gets mischievous and bathes them in color this time. Karan looks on Preeta, laughing and enjoying. The evening is full of joy as Shristhi and Preeta dance with Karan and Sameer. Rakhi and Mahesh join in. Natasha finds everyone enjoying so she leaves the glasses of Thandai she carried on a stool and join the dance, but soon feels ignored and goes inside.

Sherlin comes to Natasha in the house. Sherlin reminds her their plan that she had to make Karan drink the Thandai and be found with Karan in the room. She was in rage. Natasha’s heart melted for Karan and Preeta who were playing Holi together and did not care what anyone wanted from them; their relation is so pious and pure and their love is overwhelming. Sherlin reminds Natasha her real place and tells her to leave the house right away, she no more needs Natasha’s help. Natasha stops Sherlin and vows that she has come from a small place, but with big dreams. She will do anything to get close to Karan and fulfil her dream of becoming a dancer. Sherlin hands her another pack of Bhang to be mixed in Thandai and give it to Karan, then she will be able to control Karan.

Nagre comes to Pradeep in the kitchen and finds him mixing tablets in Thandai. Nagre was angry and says he warned Prithvi not to involve him. They are here only to get Prithvi’s papers. Pradeep doesn’t let him touch, only his wife, his girlfriend and the inspector who arrests him. Pradeep recalls that when Prithvi was in jail with him, Prithvi had warned him against the dangers around Luthra House. He was sure Preeta would try to stop their way. Prithvi had two plans: Plan A was to mix tablets in Preeta’s Thandai. Prithvi suggested another plan in case it failed. His Plan B was to make Preeta unconscious and throw her out of Luthra House. Both conspirators were now ready to execute two of their plans. Girish overheard this conversation. The two follow him in the hall, grab him and makes him smell anesthetic in the kitchen. They now take a whole tray of Thandai into the hall. Pradeep asks Nagre if he can see Preeta. Pradeep heads towards Preeta. Nagre wanted to grab the papers first. Pradeep says if they once get Preeta, they wouldn’t even need to steal the papers. Karan follows Pradeep as he sensed his stare.

Precap: In a drunken state, Nagre confesses that Prithvi has sent them to steal the papers. Karan seems confused in a drunken state while Preeta looks on.

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