Kushwaha agreed that he could not succeed in JDU, will go to BJP? He also spoke openly on Nitish. big things

Patna: JDU Parliamentary Board President Upendra Kushwaha is in discussion in Bihar politics these days. During the recruitment in Delhi AIIMS, BJP leaders intensified the stir by meeting Kushwaha. It is discussed that he will go to BJP. Although Upendra Kushwaha himself admitted that he has not been able to be 100 percent successful in JDU so far. On Sunday, ABP News has exclusive conversation with Upendra Kushwaha. Know the big things.

JDU people did not meet during recruitment in AIIMS. Nitish Kumar also told the media that he has heard that Upendra Kushwaha’s health is bad. Will ask when we meet. On this question related to CM’s statement, Upendra Kushwaha said that see it is not so. We were admitted in AIIMS. He was also 100 percent alive but the post-mortem was happening in Bihar. As far as the matter of talks with the Chief Minister is concerned or whatever he has said, if need be it will be discussed. 

Did Nitish know about his condition? On this, Kushwaha said that by the time he would have got the information, we might have come out of the hospital. We weren’t even sick. We were in a kind of checkup, so there was no need to inquire.

Our party also joined BJP and came…

Upendra Kushwaha said that it was talked about me that he came two or three times, so see whether it is a man or a party, in the political life of a man or a party, this kind of thing has happened a little with Upendra Kushwaha. Our party itself went in contact with BJP two-three times and then came out. This can happen in anyone’s political life. This is absolutely normal.

What was said on CM Nitish’s statement?

On a question that the way CM Nitish Kumar’s answer came on ill health that we will talk, so it seems that you are really going to BJP? No one is taking your notice. Saying It is okay, we will talk if there is any talk in mind. Responding to this, Kushwaha said that we have also heard through the media. Now what will we say till we don’t know the exact thing that what Nitish Kumar is thinking. 

Upendra Kushwaha is now feeling suffocated in the party. If you come to BJP then you are welcome. Laughing at this statement of BJP, Kushwaha said that how do the people of BJP know that which person is feeling suffocated where? Welcome the one who stands at their door.

You are not hurt by the party?

You feel hurt that the party in which you have been for two years and you are admitted in AIIMS,  only for routine checkup, everyone knows on Twitter, Facebook. You didn’t get hurt? Kushwaha said that if he says something, its meaning will be interpreted differently. How long will you wait to correct the wrong meaning, then asked what is the meaning of waiting. People of Bihar for whom Samta Party was formed. In the initial phase, people of Luv-Kush, then backward or upper caste community, Dalit, Mahadalit community supported them. So for the benefit of all people, their aspirations stand with those who are connected.

So far I have not been successful: Kushwaha

On a question that it took you two years to tell that you are in JDU. On this it was said that till now two years have we not been 100 percent successful. Otherwise, the Chief Minister does not have to tell the medium of the media. They are telling the media that they will talk to Upendra Kushwaha. I think that if we had been successful in that, the CM would not have needed to say this. Man sees things according to necessity. Will you go to BJP? On this it was said that Upendra Kushwaha cannot join the Bharatiya Janata Party in his life. This thing is more than 100 percent certain. 

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