Laxmi ji: These 4 works do not like Lakshmi ji, they bring poverty in the house

Laxmi ji, Friday Mistakes: Friday is considered to be a very fruitful day for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. Wealth, property, are attained by the grace of Mother Lakshmi. Friday is also dedicated to the planet Venus. It is believed that auspicious work started on this day is proved. Maa Lakshmi is considered very playful.

Goddess Lakshmi is pleased with duly worship, but there are some such works which do not like mother Lakshmi. Knowingly or unknowingly, these acts make Mother Lakshmi angry, for which the family has to bear the brunt of the person as well. There seems to be a lack of money in the house. Poverty starts pouring in. Let us know which work should not be done on Friday.

door to home


disrespect to women

Women deserve respect every day. Women, girls and eunuchs should never be insulted on Friday. Every woman is the form of a goddess, their insult is considered to be a disrespect to the ladies. By doing this a rich person also becomes poor.


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