Leg Pain: Working continuously while standing increases the problem of pain in the feet, these home remedies will give relief

Tips to Relieve Leg Pain: The biggest responsibility of our house rests on the shoulders of women. Standing on her feet throughout the day, she is engaged in preparing dinner from morning breakfast to dinner in the kitchen. During this, the complaints of pain and swelling in her feet gradually increase with age, but she does not even flinch a bit. We have to understand these problems of theirs and nothing more, just by adopting some home remedies, you can get them out of this pain. Let’s know these measures.

mustard oil is of great use
cook some garlic cloves and carom seeds together in mustard oil. Then when it becomes slightly hot, keep this oil in an air tight jar. Apply this oil mixture in the part where you have pain and mix it. After that you lie down for a while and rest. Mixing with this oil, apart from reducing the stiffness of the muscles of the feet, will also give relief in pain.

Epsom salt
You can relieve foot pain or swelling through this salt. It is a kind of mineral. To use it, put this salt in hot water in a tub or bucket and mix it, then keep your feet submerged in tolerable water for some time. By doing this you will get instant relief. 

Use Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar can also provide relief from pain in your feet. For this, you have to take hot water in a bucket or tub and put vinegar in it, then you keep your feet immersed in it for some time. You will get instant relief in the problem of pain.

Exercise can help
Women often complain of pain in the legs due to constant standing. In such a situation, you can also overcome this problem by stretching. For this you have to sit on the mat and then straighten the legs. Now try to hold the toes with your hand and try to bend it inward. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times and come back to normal state.

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