Lest the first impression gets spoiled, take special care of your dress if you go for an interview.

What To Wear For An Interview: When any person goes for an interview, along with many other preparations, the clothes worn for the interview also have special importance. Its preparation should also be done separately and properly. Your dress, look, body language and manners are some of the things that affect you even before the interview starts. Your assessment starts as soon as you enter the room. Let us know what things should be kept in mind while going for the interview.

When going for an interview, take special care of your dress

  • If there is a formal dress code in the company or the position you are going for, find out about it and try to wear similar clothes. You can also inquire about this from the HR there.
  • Broadly wearing formal dress is fine. Men can wear pant shirt and coat and if coat is not arranged then wear pant shirt. Keep in mind that the clothes should be clean and pressed. Do not choose a fabric that tends to wrinkle.
  • Women can wear a business suit or a saree is the best choice for an interview. However, if you do not know how to wear saree with confidence or you are not comfortable, then you can also wear salwar-kameez.
  • Just keep in mind that it should not be very bright, heavy design. Mirror work or ghungroo etc should not be stitched in the dupatta. Overall, wear a simple suit and carry it with confidence.
  • Now talking about shoes, the shoes should be such that the feet are closed, which do not make noise and which are not very colorful. Girls should wear heels which can be easily carried. Don’t go for an interview wearing chappals or sandals.
  • The same rule applies to accessories. Do not wear heavy jewelry or very shiny jewelry. It is not good to wear bangles or bracelets at this time.
  • Apart from this, the hair should be properly tied, the nails should be cut, the scarf should be properly pinned and there should be confidence in the gait. Keep in mind that the clothes should be according to the season and should not be too loose or too tight. This is where your impression gets spoiled.

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