60% people are unaware of the problem of high BP, are you also making these mistakes, there is still time to be careful

High BP : Public Health Foundation of India has presented a shocking report. It has been told in this report that about 58 percent people are unaware of BP disease. They do not even know whether they have high blood pressure (High BP) problem or not. Such people can come under the grip of silent killer. Therefore, whenever these 5 symptoms (High BP Symptoms) appear in the body, be alert and see the doctor.

5 Symptoms of High BP


There is a severe pain in the head when there is high BP. The pressure that builds up due to increase in BP causes tingling in the head. The speed of Khub gets faster and the heart starts working faster. Due to this there may be problem of headache. 


If breathlessness occurs while climbing or walking stairs, the doctor should be contacted immediately. When the heart does not work well, then this problem occurs. In such a situation, the oxygen supply is obstructed and every work takes hard work.

Bleeding nose

Do not ignore bleeding from the nose. This can happen due to high BP. Actually, when the blood pressure is high, then there is a danger of bursting of the thin membranes of the nose. In such a situation, blood starts coming from the nose. Should immediately go to the doctor.

The Jerks

Seizures or tremors can occur due to high BP. This can also happen due to stroke. Avoid ignoring such problems and see a doctor.

Chest Pain

The cause of chest pain can be hypertension i.e. high BP. In such a situation, the help of a doctor should be taken. Ignoring such symptoms can be fatal. That’s why you should be careful in time.
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