Are you getting headache in hot sun and summer? Be careful…it is not a migraine, this small work will give relief

Migraine Pain : The effect of heat and strong sunlight is being seen on health. Staying out of the house even for a short time in this season becomes a cause of headache. This season is very troublesome for migraine patients. Migraine pain is more troubling due to heat and sunlight. Dehydration is responsible behind this. Actually, in summer, more sweat comes out of the body and there is a lack of electrolytes. According to health experts, migraine can be avoided by keeping the body hydrated in summer. For this one should drink a lot of water. To make up for the lack of electrolytes in the body, lemon water with salt should be drunk. 
If you want to avoid migraine then do this work
According to health experts, ORS, glucose, lemon water can help you to get rid of headache in summer. This keeps the body hydrated and relieves headache. Experts say that many cars are responsible for more migraine pain in summer. Let’s find out…  
Migraine due to dehydration
According to health experts, migraine can be a problem due to dehydration. This reduces the blood supply to the brain. Due to this, the blood vessels become narrow and later also spread. Because of this there is a problem of headache and migraine.
Nutritional deficiencies
According to the doctor, migraine pain in summer can also be caused by nutritional deficiency. Due to lack of vitamin D, iron and magnesium in the body, headache also bothers. That’s why plenty of nutrients should be included in your diet.
These reasons are also responsible for migraine
According to health experts, high temperature, humidity and prolonged sun exposure in summers can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and lack of sleep, all of which trigger migraine pain.
Common causes of migraine
  • stress
  • hormonal changes
  • sleep deprivation
  • Intake of caffeinated substances
  • Change in Weather
  • light, sound or smell

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