Before heart attack these changes start happening not only in the body but also in the hair, the truth came to the fore…

A recent research has revealed that it can be detected from the hair of any person whether he may have a heart attack in future or not. Researchers recently found that stress hormones are present in human hair. After examining which the risk of heart attack (CVD) can be detected. The study presented at this year’s ‘European Congress on Obesity’ (ECO) in Dublin, Ireland  revealed that the level of glucocorticoid- a steroid hormone is present in human hair. Which increases after a time. After investigation, it has been found that due to increase in the level of these hormones in future, the risk of heart attack also increases. 

The risk of heart attack increases significantly for those with such hair

A team of man and woman was formed to prepare a conclusion of this entire research. In which people above 18 years of age were included. A total of 6,341 hair samples have been taken from this people. In which the levels of cortisol and cortisone were checked. The hair of all the participants involved in this was tested. In this whole investigation process, it was found that people who have high amount of cortisone in their hair and it keeps on increasing for many days. Which cannot be controlled. Those people have a two-fold increased risk of heart attack.

The risk of heart attack doubles after age 57

Individuals whose age is 57 years or more. And the cortisone level in their hair is very high. In them, the risk of heart attack increases three times. However, most cases of CVD occur in people aged 57 years and above.  It is expected that this special test of hair will prove to be very useful for this whole test. On the basis of this investigation process, doctors can find out to some extent that which person may be at risk of heart disease, heart attack. Then maybe in future some steps will be taken separately to control the effects of stress hormones in the body. 

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