Black spots on the face are symptoms of this disease… Do not ignore

Never ignore the dark spots on the face because it can be a symptom of a serious illness. These are of two types. In one the body starts getting fat and in the other the body starts drying up. Actually, a hormone named thyroxine made in the thyroid gland starts coming out. This hormone accelerates metabolism in the body and controls the growth of body cells. Controlling the thyroid at the right time can prevent the body from becoming fat or thin. The symptoms occurring in the body due to thyroid are clearly visible on the face and skin. Let us know what are these symptoms?

Eyes look strange

Some serious symptoms of thyroid appear on the body and eyes. This is called Exophthalmos. This is due to hyperthyroidism. The immune system goes haywire, due to which it attacks the muscles and other tissues around the eyes. Swelling starts under the eyes. 

Dry skin

Pain and lumps in the skin and due to dryness, spots start forming and this There are symptoms of thyroid. Melanin starts increasing in the thyroid gland. Due to which the color of the skin becomes dark and dark, due to which the collagen starts decreasing. 

Itchy skin

Itchy skin It is also one of the symptoms of thyroid. If a person has this problem, it gets cured immediately. But if it is due to thyroid hormones, it takes a long time. 

 Dark and blotchy skin

Hardening of the skin. These symptoms appear on the body before thyroid. It is associated with poor metabolism. Therefore, if the skin starts to look dark and spotty or patches are visible on the skin, then you should get the thyroid test done immediately. Because this disease should be treated in time. 

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