Chanakya Niti: These special qualities are there in an ideal child, the whole family remains happy with them, old age gets improved

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya has spoken on every aspect of life. For the happy life of humans, Chanakya has thrown more light on wife, children and human mind. He says that for those whose life partner obeys everything, whose children are under control and who remains satisfied even in bad times, there is heaven on earth.

Chanakya has praised in one of his verses Mention has been made of the child which gives care to the old age of the person. Chanakya says why did Chanakya say that a child is the best. Let’s find out.

Ekenapi suvarna pushpiten sugandhita.

Vasitan tadvanam sarvam suputren kulam yatha

< p>Chanakya has told through his verses that how only one child is enough to take care of the family. According to him, there is no benefit of having more than one child. Just as a single tree in a forest with beautiful flowers in bloom makes the whole forest fragrant with its fragrance, in the same way a single son elevates the name of the whole clan. A virtuous child is enough to protect the old age of the parents.

Such a child destroys the family

According to Chanakya, those who Those who wish to have more than one child for growth and prosperity should reconsider their thinking. According to Chanakya, a child who speaks bitter words to his parents, hurts them, thinks of harming the family for his own benefit, soon puts the family in trouble. Here also Chanakya has explained by giving an example that the way  A dry burning tree burns the whole forest to ashes, similarly one bad son blackens the honor, dignity and prestige of the entire clan.

One son would be happy. It is family

Chanakya says that no matter how many sons one has, if the son gives sorrow and disappointment, then what will be the use. Only one son is better than this, who can provide happiness, peace and support to the whole family.

Chanakya Niti: This thing is the biggest weapon of man, the adopter overcomes every difficulty in a pinch

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