Confusion or truth!… Does teething cause diarrhea in the baby, know what science says about it

Teething In Baby: It has been believed for centuries that when a New Born baby’s tooth comes out, the baby has loose motion. Generally everyone thinks like this. All of us must have heard this statement at one time or the other in our house, but it is a big misconception. Then why does the child get diarrhea only when the teeth come. What is the truth of this hearsay, you will know in the next article.

Why diarrhea occurs during teething

See, this confusion has been going on for years, but in medical research, no relation between teeth and diarrhea has been found far and wide. However, it cannot be denied that children do have diarrhea while teething. But many other factors can be responsible behind this. When the baby is about to get teeth, often the baby’s gums become very hard, which causes irritation in them, that is why children try to take things around them with their hands in their mouth. In such a situation, if there is no hygiene in those things, then it can cause stomach infection. Children are very sensitive anyway, so because of this they trigger more infection and because of these things, children have loose motion. Apart from this, the body temperature of the child also increases during teething. Along with this, saliva also starts coming more. During this, the child starts demanding more milk and by drinking more milk, he passes stool again and again.

Diarrhea also occurs due to these reasons

1.Even in case of feed intolerance, the child may have problems of loose motion and vomiting. This happens when the child drinks the milk from above and the milk is not digested. This can also cause loose motion.

2.Many times we feed cow’s milk to the child. But children also get allergic to cow’s milk. Which can also cause vomiting and loose motion.

3.Loose motion can also be caused by stomach infection. Many times the bottle of milk is not clean due to which the bacteria of the bottle go directly into the baby’s stomach and this can also cause loose motion.

how to prevent diarrhea

If you want to save the child from diarrhea, then you should keep in mind that all the things around your child should be clean. Your child should not pick up anything and take it in his mouth. Along with this, there should not be any shortage of water in the body. Instead of feeding the above milk, the mother should feed herself after a while. In case of more problems, it is necessary to contact the doctor.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.

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