Coriander powder available in the market is real or fake, you can find out sitting comfortably at home

A lot of spices are used in Indian kitchen and food. Turmeric, Garam Masala, Red Chilli, Cinnamon and Coriander are all full of goodness one on one. There are many spices but these are the basic spices which are used every day. But for your information, let us tell you that nowadays the powder of spices which you use indiscriminately in your vegetable is being adulterated a lot. Yes, nowadays chemicals, soil and straw are also being sold in spices. Nowadays red chillies, milk, rice are being adulterated in everything. Due to which it is difficult to identify. But today, with the help of the method that will tell you, you can easily find out whether coriander is real or fake? Can be identified in this way. 

What is adulterated with coriander?

According to the Research General of Pharmacy and Technology, the market Coriander powder found in me contains wild grass mix. If you dry the wild grass in the sun, then its color becomes exactly like the color of coriander. Not only this, many types of wild grasses and weeds are ground and mixed in it. Due to which the color looks like coriander. Along with this, its quantity can also be increased. 

How to know whether coriander is indigenous or chemical?

Coriander husk is as fine as flour in coriander powder. is mixed. But if you are a little careful then it can be dealt with. You can find out like this. First of all, take a glass of water and put one teaspoon of coriander powder in it. And then leave the water like this for 10 seconds. If coriander is seen floating towards the top, then husk has been mixed in it and the coriander which has settled at the bottom of the glass is indigenous coriander. 

Coriander powder contains weeds or wild grass. How to know

The smell of real coriander powder is very strong. And coriander with wild grass and weeds becomes extremely turmeric. In such a situation, you can easily detect it by smell. 

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