Curd or buttermilk… which one is better for relief from heat, know the benefits

Curd Vs Buttermilk : The summer season is going on. Everyone likes to drink curd and buttermilk. Often people consume cold buttermilk or curd with or after eating. Both give coolness to the body. However, buttermilk made from curd helps more in keeping you cool in summer. It has also been told in Ayurveda that buttermilk is very easy to digest. While curd is heavy. Curd (Curd Benefits) also has a warming effect on the body. But both are used a lot in summer. If you do not know which one is better and beneficial for you in summer (Curd Vs Buttermilk), then let us know…

Curd or buttermilk which is best in summer

1. Curd and buttermilk are probiotics, which work to give birth to good bacteria in the intestine. However, when it comes to digestion, buttermilk becomes better and more useful. Vitamins and minerals are found in good quantity in buttermilk. They keep the body cool even in the scorching heat. By drinking this, the temperature of the body remains correct. Buttermilk also improves digestion. Drinking buttermilk mixed with cumin powder, salt, asafoetida and ginger is even more beneficial.
2. People whose digestive fire is strong and correct, then they are advised to eat curd. Eating curd increases weight. That’s why such people are told to eat more water and less curd.
3. Since the effect of curd has been described as hot in Ayurveda. Buttermilk is also made from curd and the process of making it is different. It is cooling because of its formulation. In the summer days curd should be consumed less and whey i.e. buttermilk should be consumed more. Drinking spiced buttermilk is even more tasty and healthy. Therefore, instead of getting confused, you can consume curd and buttermilk according to the weather.
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