Do not eat too many mangoes in a day, otherwise stomach disease will not let you live.

There are some special fruits in every season, which we eat a lot because once the season is over, those fruits will not be available. Similarly, the king of fruits is mango which is available only in summer. People like to eat it very much. People eat it in many ways such as smoothies, sweets, shakes etc. Each variety of mango produced in different parts of the country has its own distinct taste. They are not only delicious but also rich in essential vitamins iron and antioxidants. Mangoes keep the body hydrated and also protect it from diseases occurring in summer. But as much as we love this fruit, eating more mangoes can cause harm to the body and even lead to stomach infection. Doctors and health experts say that if mango is eaten in excess, it can cause bloating, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, ulcers and indigestion.

Why health experts say no to eating more mangoes

Eating more mangoes affects health

According to the news published in India Today, mangoes are full of many nutrients and essential vitamins, they also contain carbohydrates called fructose, which can also increase the sugar level in the blood. Dr. Edwina Raj said, ‘The problem is that people do not know how much mango they should eat and what is the right way to eat mango. Which affects  health. Many people are allergic to mangoes, which is why their throat gets swollen. Not that everyone can digest it properly.

Nowadays chemicals are used to ripen mangoes

How many mangoes can you eat in a day?

Instead of eating a whole mango at a time, eat half a mango at a time and it should be divided into two parts and then eating it twice a day is the best option. Since it is rich in fructose, it can increase your blood sugar level.

If you eat too many mangoes, then its direct effect will be visible on your body. Its reactions are also visible on the body. In that case immediately Consult a doctor. If the side effects of mango start appearing on the body, then take  probiotic rich food items like curd, buttermilk and drink plenty of water. It reduces  diarrhea and stomach infections. 

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